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It has made the rounds that Obamacare will treat abortion like any
other surgery. Or should I say like any other surgery that takes place
in a clinic. It is not exactly treated like tonsils in that if there is
nothing wrong with your tonsils you would be sent home with some pain
pills. You can not go into the doctors office and ask them to take out
your appendix because you don't want it and have the taxpayers pay for

has also made the rounds on the internet that Mount Sinai Hospital
ordered a nurse to assist in a late-term abortion against her willClearly if Obamacare goes through it would be legal for a Doctor or Nurse to use conscience to not assist in the execution of a mass murder who was convicted by trial but unable to use conscience or their fear of God to not end the life of a baby.

Electrician Quits Repairs On Nebraska Abortion Clinic In Response To Calls

Cross posted from Jeremiah Films

Now there are those who will argue that a person, a doctor or pharmacist. can not refuse services to somebody who wants to kill an unborn child (an abortion). Often they use arguments to attempt to bring the person to talk about how he feels, not the issue, followed by an ad hominem of calling him a hypocrite.. This is much like asking Obama if he believes that POW are a burden on an army and calling him a hypocrite.

Arguments against allowing a person to have and use his conscience often go to the point of he should not be in that line of employment. That the requirement of being a doctor is the same as a soldier - do as you are told, kill when you are told - or should I say farther than a soldier who can justify is work because he is not killing an innocent life. He is killing somebody who is trying to kill him, Killing a child is like gassing POWs.

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