Earl Cox Interviews School Principal in Israel


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New World Order / End Game

I myself, was dumb founded by this concept of the New World Order. I said to myself, how can it be done, how can the few control the many ?

Planned Parenthood on Sex-Selective Abortion / Little Girls Must Die -On Video Tape

I Have This Scared Little Health Care Bug In My Hands

I Have This Scared Little Health Care Bug In My Hands

A byMassingale F.A.S.C. Concepts News Story

 by Henry Massingale


Whats God Got to Do With It / byMassingale

Whats God Got to Do With It / byMassingale, a F.A.S.C. Concept by Henry Massingale, I guess some people have lost the abilty to even know if there is a God or not. I am forbidden by faith to show you God, but I am permited to show you a Evil by the hand of Man.

I am going to share a small part of me, when my twins were born, one of them got sick with the croup, I feared, as little she is and it was a cold hard winter, with all my heart I new she would pass away if I did not help. With all of my children, I all ways did this, I got her in my arms and I placed her on my chest, as she placed her ear to my heart I would all ways say, God give her a part of my streingth, so that she may live. I held her for 14 hours and I did not move until she was better.

As for most of us we are so torn when we lose a loved one and some just stop caring about other children because of their lose.

We are faced with so many issues within the United States Of America, and even as I bring a protest against this Govenment System, I have been called a fool for reaching out to proctect Officials, it is because this is what the Constitution is all about, the right to be of free choice, The Constitution does not protect the right of Freedom of Speech when a people seek to kill others.

The most powerfull tool is the Vote, we all want change, we want honest people in Office, and most of all, Where is our Money ? At any given time I can show around

Controversial "Hunted Child" Series Launched

(2/25/11)  Oakley, California.  Today the dynamic new series designed specifically to protect children from predators was pre-launched before the media, with the official launching date to be March 1st.  Immediately after the website opened, hundreds of people signed on.

The Hunted Child is a shocking but informative new video series.  Child abduction and rape has become epidemic throughout the world and even though predators have been incarcerated, placed under psychological and psychiatric care, once released they go right back to repeat their crimes.

According to Jerry Hanoum who spoke at the news conference, each pedophile, according to statistics, has molested at least 120 children before caught, and goes on to repeat that behavior when released.  No private or government program has been able to provide an effective solution or program to put a stop to these criminal sexual acts. That is until the launching of The Hunted Child Video Series with the goal of bringing a bill to Congress titled, The Mark for Mark Act.

With the passing of this bill, every person who has been convicted of harming a child will be required to have a Mark on his or her name and/or body, to identify that individual as a danger to children. An abused child carries a Mark on his or her life forever.  It is time to put a Mark on those who have Marked our children.

Before we are in the womb, we are known ~take note Notre Dame

It is Written :  

Before we are in the womb, we are known.     

A Wolverine will kill her young if there is no food.  Necessity is the Mother of invention.   

For necessity to be confused with desire is not in Harmony with God's Will.  His bowl of Limited Souls is not ours to reject, is it.  

Temple Mount

 Look up, be diverse with God and embrace Truth in Unity


Who is the way, who can help the world out of this crisis, who know the real need of the world today? the world prefer the world instead of the creative word, who is JESUS CHRIST the son of most hight God. jesus is the way the truth and life.who can supply all our need and give of the peace that the world is looking for is jesus christ. nations of the world have gather yet they can not find common solution to what the world real need. who can give the world what she really need is the creator of the world. let the world leaders swallow tgheir pride, for they believed that they have what the people need and at the end of the day they fail for they fail to recognice the one who owns everything and who knows the way out of the world problems and needs. God is the way. untill the world recongise their maker than we acn be able to ahve access to peace and joy. SHALOM

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