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Doc Sez "I Correct God's Mistakes (?)

Doc Sez "I Correct God's Mistakes (?)

Hanam : South Korea | Apr 06, 2014 at 3:13 PM PDT
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Dr. Kim seok-Kwan "Correcting God's Mistakes"

by Rev. Austin Miles

God Now a Physicist Hacker???

God Now a Physicist Hacker???

Stanford : CA : USA | Mar 24, 2014 at 3:02 PM PDT
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Gasses Explode and Here We ARe

Atheists Lose Their Cool OverTim Tebow


#15 Quarterback Tim Tebow

Photo Courtesy of Denver Broncos

There was a time when atheists were nicer and had some class. Atheists of old drastically differered from those of today. High profile philosophers David HumeDavid Hume, Bertrand Russell and even VoltaireVoltaire (among others) were not in the closet about their non-belief.

They published anti-religion essays and in the case of Hume, rejected belief in miracles while questioning God, like Voltaire who could not understand how a loving God could have allowed the devastating earthquake in Lisbon that killed thousands of people in 1755.

Yet, these were atheists that this writer would have enjoyed conversations with over coffee and in fact, would have liked them, even though we would have had wide differences of opinion.

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