Barack Obama Can't Remember His Birthday


On July 15, 2011, at 9 minutes and 18 seconds (give or take a second) into his press conference, Barack Obama told us he would be turning 50 in a week. I know - I listened to the video to make sure. My only regret is that I had to listen to 9 minutes and 17 seconds of the video to get that information.


If you'd like to check it out for yourself you can find the video at:


Feel free to listen to the entire thing... just know your limits (I exceeded mine).


Bisecular Barack

I finally get it. He walks like a Muslim and talks like a Christian. Barack is bisecular. That's what you are when you say you believe in everything but adhere to the tenets of nothing. There's no strong convictions either way. Barack just does what's necessary to survive - politically and authoritatively. How nice.

Don't believe me? Then you probably voted Democrat in the last presidential election. But that's okay - we all make mistakes.


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