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China Scenario Overwhelms US in Taiwan Strait

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) claims the Chinese Air Force Could Overwhelm OpponentsPatriot Update in a battle in the Taiwan Strait. Even with a 6 to 1 kill ratio by American jets,  a Rand simulation program in “war gaming” still reveals that the Americans would lose. This was revealed in an interview with Aviation Week (1/9/11). Even with all American missiles spent with a kill, more Chinese jets would presumably be available to wreak mass havoc.

That scenario is not likely true if all of China’s arsenal of jets are not in the near vicinity of Taiwan.

But for ballistic missiles—those able to traverse continents—their speed (10-15,000 mph) and nuclear capability--would cancel out sheer numbers of attacking ‘bogies’. The scary part is what President Obama presently knows.

He knows that American technology with missiles enables a spot on a “bullet” to be hit by another “bullet”. He knows that America has demonstrated its ability to shoot down any incoming missile with a non-aggressive missile that could destroy the interloper with the sheer speed of contact.

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