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Brain-Bending Atheist and Christian Views on Life Compared

Brain-Bending Atheist and Christian Views on Life Compared

Atlanta : GA : USA | Apr 21, 2014 at 8:15 PM PDT


Startling TRUTH About Hero Athlete

Courtesty of Tim Vaughn Studios Brentwood, Caliifornia

Rev. Austin Miles

The email was forwarded to us by longtime friend, Helen Trautman, CEO of Results Unlimited in Pittsburgh. The contents, originally sent by an officer of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, have been challenged and trashed by Leftists who raised questions hoping that lazy people would not take the time to check out the accuracy of this communication for themselves rather than take their distorted word.

This reader DID check it out which blocks the atheists from tackling and smothering the truth. The pass was intercepted, the field goal denied. The game has ended. Here is the email:

Great Story of Faith

 In a recent email, I read about a woman named Pam, who knows the pain of considering abortion. More than 24 years ago, she and her husband Bob were serving as missionaries to the Philippines and praying for a fifth child. Pam contracted amoebic dysentery, an infection of the intestine caused by a parasite found in contaminated food or drink. She went into a coma and was treated with strong antibiotics before they discovered she was pregnant.

The Crucifixion of Easter--War Declared!

Easter Sunday Morning 2011
The most sacred and beloved observance for Christians is Easter. As a child I remember getting dressed on Easter Sunday morning and walking with my parents a block over to the North Park Presbyterian Church in Evansville, Indiana. It was a small brick church and seeing the tulips and irises in full bloom in front of the church was always a mysterious joy as they seemed to have materialized and bloomed that very morning.

Those were the days when people had manners and respect. No one would even think of showing disrespect toward the church. This was our heritage and culture. Today, people openly insult the church along with our sincere beliefs, and sadly, Easter itself, which would have been unheard of in earlier years. But today, it is obvious that the world has totally lost its class and any sense of decency that it may have once possessed.

April Fools Day Appropriate for Headline!

Oakley, California. In Ultra Liberal California, Christians are generally hated and undermined at every opportunity. A church in Oakley, California has constantly been in the crosshairs of this atheistic, socialist state. especially when it began to have a positive effect on the area of East County, in the Bay Area.  A public school was constructed and just before it opened, the housing crash began, workers were losing their jobs, forced to move due to foreclosures on their homes, and there were no students to enroll in the school. It sat empty. Mountain View Christian Center made arrangements to lease it from the cash strapped town of Oakley, using the classrooms for Trinity Christian School and the auditorium for the worship services. The superintendent of the Oakley School Distirict seemed to be uneasy with the arrangement from the start, and would contempuously refer to the teachers and staff as; “Those Christians.”

The final straw for the superintendant, Rick Rogers, was when the church launched a new website called, The Hunted Child, which was a program to protect children from molestors and predators. Announcements went out about the new program. On the day of the launching, Mr. Rogers had contacted the newspapers and the launch day was greeted with another front page story stating that Rogers wanted MVCC out and that “the property can be used for more viable purposes.”  On the School District website, he stated that it would be better to let the school stand empty until a more profitable use comes in. (?)

Surprising Participant in Christmas Wars!

You will not believe WHO is taking part in the debate about Santa Claus that some say is a good influence on children while others say he should be abolished and the whole focus on Christmas should be ONLYabout Jesus. The atheists say that there should not be ANY Christmas observance, period! An unexpected visitor came by the studio to leave this message for the entire world which should settle the dispute once and for all. This was filmed by Tim Vaughn of Tim Vaughn Studios-Oakley, California.  Here is the link: 

Beer Drinking Santa?

Columnist Jay R. Brooks whose column, “Brooks on Beer,” came up with a stein-full with the headline of his syndicated story, “Jolly Old St. Nick a Patron Saint of Beer” (Contra Costa Times-12/8/10).  And there are some brewers who have Santa’s image on their label. St. Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra, who inspired the creation of Santa Claus.  Mr. Brooks’ story is all based on the notion that the Bishop, who later became a Saint, was ‘appointed’ The Patron Saint of Beer. He was also ‘appointed’ Patron Saint of 110 other groups,  including children, his best known title and one which he would approve.

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In August 1989, I spoke with Dr. Pat Robertson about the need to form a new national organization to encourage Christians to participate in the process of electing government officials. A few days later, at his invitation, we met in the living room of his home in Virginia Beach, Virginia. After discussing the need to organize we analyzed the vast resources accumulated during Dr. Robertson's run for the Republican Nomination for President. We concluded the meeting with an agreement to begin the new work at once. In a matter of days we met in Atlanta, Georgia with America's top evangelical organizational leaders to secure their blessing. The Christian Coalition was born.

With state organizations still active from the campaign we were off and running. The grassroots were still vibrant. When the 1994 federal elections were held the American people, inspired by Christian leaders, "cataclysmatized" the Congress. Democrats in power for 40 years were suddenly dislodged. The Christian Coalition, by organizing concerned citizens throughout America, had played a major role in the sea-change election.

MilesTones Saturday Night Special!

The last Saturday Night Special told of California Atheists who have shelled out thousands of dollars to put up billboard signs in ten locations in Sacramento with the message: "Are you good without God? Millions are." And that's NOT the end of that story. Each sign costs $6,450 a month. Multiply that by 10 and you have a good chunk of change. According to Bill Lindelof of the Sacramento Bee, this is part of a nationwide campaign that began last year and has spread to more than a dozen cities, including Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati and New York. Then, vandalism struck!

Well, there may be times when vandalism can be legally justified if it can result in saving a soul. At least that is how the Libs would argue the case if they were involved with the event.

Under cover of darkness, someone climbed up the sign in Sacramento and spray-painted TWO WORDS which amplified the real meaning of their message, which now reads: "Are you good without God?  Millions are..also lost."  A big AMEN to that. Right on!

Tidbits Dept: It was bound to happen. Tiger Woods found a new sex partner in the Sexual Addiction Rehab Clinic, according to National Enquirer and verified by others. Is this why China has declared their new year, Year Of The Tiger?

The YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association), a rooming facility and gym, have officially closed the door to sex offenders wanting to check in there. It's about time. Years ago the YMCA was known as, Young Men Carefully Assaulted.

MilesTones Saturday Night Special-Where Are Famed Hens?

The recent Prayer Breakfast in D.C. for the first time became a political event as Obama told why gays should be able to serve openly in the military. The setting, a prayer breakfast to honor God, was the wrong place to proclaim such ideas. Even a touch of class would have dictated propriety at that event. The One also said that he prays for our nation, which is about as sincere as an undertaker trying to look sad at a $10,000 funeral.  

Celebrity Chickens Flew The Coop?  Henny and Penny, the world famous hens are nowhere to be found!  An alert has quietly gone out. We do know that the hens were visibly upset by the ruling against them at the recent Brentwood City Council. They were particulaly distressed by a news article that referred to them as "illegal hens."   The newly formed, Chicken Wire News Service has reported that the hens have been sprinted away to an undisclosed location and their names have been changed.

We are told by a trusted source that they are trying to live anonymously so as not to bring attention to themselves until this all blows over. We wonder if they dyed and restyled their feathers?  MilesTones is attempting to contact the hen's former keeper, Kimberly Kennedy for a statement. Watch this website for updates.  

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