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Hated for All The Right Reasons

Hated For All The Right Reasons

Antioch : CA : USA | Apr 28, 2014 at 1:21 PM PDT
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Everyone Goes to Heaven? Pastor Ron Says, "Not Quite."

Antioch, California (9/19/11) To hear that 20,000 people attend church every week in one county might seem auspicious. But when that county has a half million population, that impressive number slides down to a a tiny minority.  Such is the case of Contra Costa County nestled in Northern California’s Bay Area, making this the least church-attending area in America.

These stats were given in a sermon yesterday morning by Rev. Ron Bowman of Covenant Church in Antioch, California. This was part of his sermon, “Will Everyone Be in Heaven?” The liberal socialists loudly answer, “Yes!! “Furthermore,” they preach, “a loving God would never SEND someone to hell and eternal misery.” (Emphasis mine)

This is a sermon I would wish everyone in America could hear since that idea (everyone goes to heaven) has been systematically trumpeted by the liberals attempting to pave the path for socialism, an ideology where God has no place and the church must be eliminated.

The mantra of the liberals is; “All paths lead to heaven,” including ALL religions, or in another wording, “All paths lead to God.” NO they do NOT.

But it is an important stategy for the Communist cause to weaken the church by undermining her authority by initially saying that there is no real purpose in going to church since whatever path you take will lead you to the rewards of Christianity- heaven, without any effort or change in conduct.

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