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UGG Boots--Fur--Suffering and Lady Gaga

UGG Boots-Fur-Suffering and Lady Gaga

Los Angeles : CA : USA | Nov 27, 2013 at 4:57 PM PST

Native American Tribe Saves Wounded Dog

Native American Tribe Saves Wounded Dog

Duluth : MN : USA | Mar 11, 2013 at 8:49 PM PDT
Photo Courtesty of ASPCA
'Nibi' Rescued by Indian Tribe

GOP Congressman Sponsors Animal Cruelty!

GOP Congressman Sponsors Animal Cruelty!

Des Moines : IA : USA | Aug 04, 2012 at 12:18 PM PDT
Photo courtesty of Gary Zeigler
"Larry" Tortured and Left in Ditch to Die

by Rev. Austin Miles

Does Jesus Condone Hunting and Killing Wolves? Plus Hate Letter--Part 4

 A Young Rev. Austin Miles Reads Scriptures to Interested Friend.This series has prompted many responses, all positive, except for one hate letter which is included below. First of all, hunting for food is understandable. But hunting for the sake of killing and mounting the heads of the animal on a wall like the restaurant in Rio Vista as detailed in part 3, is totally wrong. It is understandable how people who live on farms grow food in the field and slaughter animals for food.

However, any time an animal is put down for any reason, it should be quick and humane. NEVER should suffering be caused to any creature for any reason.

My outrage is over the use of CRUELTY, like the Asians who skin animals alive for their fur as shown in Part 3.

There was the film clip on TV showing a Rhino that had just had his nose horn brutally sawed off by poachers for the money to be received by it, while the poor Rhino is lying on the ground with gasping groans because of this unthinkable cruelty to him by humans.

Then there is the clip of rabbits being taken from their cages, clubbed in the head, then jammed onto meat hooks. Many of the rabbits were not rendered unconsicous by the blow to the head and while still alive are jammed on the meat hooks, the hook tearing into their backs to keep them in place.

Cruel Killing of Wolves Must Stop!

Cathy Taibbi, an excellent journalist, is an expert on wild life and the environment. Her stories are published on major news sites internationally, pulling thousands of visitors. Her passion for the subjects she writes about gives her reports extra punch.

Providing solid research and startling photos, Ms. Taibbi’s stories are having a positive effect. A series she wrote on wind turbines, that kill so many birds including eagles, resulted in a new design for the turbines in an effort to prevent or at least slow down the deaths.

In a story just published on, Ms. Taibbi reveals how the special-interests, mainly the livestock and hunting lobbies, using wildlife as political pawns, have a goal to eradicate all wolves from North America. The first step in accomplishing this, according to the breaking story, is to remove wolves from the ‘endangered species’ list, taking all wolves in America from federal protection, while opening the way for enthusiastic hunters to kill them. The feds provided ideas on how to lure them to their deaths, to kill them by trapping, poisoning, bow and arrow and of course, shooting them. No restrictions.

The most disturbing and outrageous of all, is some of the government sites that advise hunters to shoot them in a way that does not kill them instantly so that they will suffer longer. That is THEIR words! This is cruel, inhumane, insane and barbaric. THIS MUST STOP!  Ms. Taibbi is circulating a petition to stop this madness. You will see the link below and a link for her complete story.

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