American Movie Classics Vulgar Message to Kids

Thief's Christmas Surprise-Who Gets Coal in Stocking?-Jerry Newcombe's Handel on Music


Composer George Frederick Handel

One would be hard pressed to top this Christmas Story that unfolded in Carmel, California. As shoppers frantically picked out last minute gifts, a lady carrying a bag, with her little dog on a leash, turned from the main area onto a quiet side street.

A thief seeing the vulnerable woman with the little dog quickly appeared with a strong arm approach, demanding she give him everything she had. "Oh please," she said, "I only have this bag." The thief grabbed the bag out of her hand and ran off into the distance.

The victim shrugged her shoulders and smiled. That bag was filled with dog poop she had scooped up as she walked her pup. And MilesTones can't help but wonder if the thief loudly uttered those two famous words that automatically follow an unexpected result when he opened his bounty....maybe spoil is a better word to use here.

Another Christmas happening guarantees lumps of coal in the stocking of AMC (American Movie Classics) next year. Last night, the day after Christmas, they aired a show especially for youngsters, Polar Express, a great fantasy story for kids (and adults). Wonderful family fare.

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