New effort to end taxpayer funding of abortion

Several new pieces of legislation are being introduced that aim to end any taxpayer funding of abortion and/or groups such as Planned Parenthood.

The "No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act" is being introducted by Republican Rep. Chris Smith (NJ) and Democrat Rep. Dan Lipinski (IL), which would institute a government wide ban on any federal funding for abortion, as well as provide conscience protections for health care providers.  (By the way, Lipinski was one of the rare Democrat incumbents that was re-elected in November, largely because he remained pro-life and voted against ObamaCare).

Indiana Republican Rep. Mike Pence will be introducing a bill that would specifically defund Planned Parenthood, (which received over$350 million in federal dollars in 2008.

Of course introducing a bill is just a first step in a legislative battle, but given the new GOP control of the House, we can be pretty certain they would receive a full, fair hearing and a floor vote...and then we'll see what happens with the Senate.  As LifeNews reports, 80 of the 87 incoming freshmen Republican House members are pro-life.

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Pro-Life label can be Very Inaccurate

It’s very confusing when someone says they’re pro-life. What exactly does that mean? Does that indicate the alleged pro-life person would vote to directly affect Roe vs. Wade (SC decision in 1973 that made it legal to abort in all months of pregnancy)? Heath Shuler (D/NC) claims he’s pro-life, but his Asheville office said in 2008 that he would not vote to rescind Roe vs. Wade.


It’s easy to go a step further. Would it be OK to abort if you thought something was seriously wrong with the baby? If you knew it had Down Syndrome? If it was conceived by incest? By rape? What if you thought you needed to get rid of it for another reason?

Abortion Options: Limit Lifetime, Restrict Childbearing, and/or Suffer

If you opt for an abortion, you opt for restrictions on your life including death. That doesn't sound like 'empowering' the woman, but weakening her, limiting her choices, and forcing her to be subservient to the whims of society. Of course, it doesn't include putting a human to death. One that already has every chromosome in place that includes hair color, intelligence, gender, and all attributes.

Abortion and birth control have health risks (1) that should be told to women. But Planned Parenthood never does. The British College of Psychiatrists admits abortion causes mental health problems (2). It is known abortion is more risky for women than normal childbirth (3). A Canadian study reveals a 93% increased risk of a premature birth after a second abortion (6).

After an abortion, PTSD rates increased for women by 61% in a South African study, where sleep disorders were more prevalent (7), babies were more likely to be premature or underweight (8), children were linked to higher rates of child abuse (9), and many other studies have found women with a history of abortion are at increased risk for depression, generalized anxiety disorder, suicidal tendencies, substance abuse, psychiatric hospitalization, and other problems (10). As suspected, new study has revealed a 66% increased breast cancer increase after abortion (5).

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Planned Parenthood tells woman her unborn child is "not a baby"

Once again, Planned Parenthood has been caught on hidden camera misleading women about abortion.  In this case their staffers attempted to use euphemisms to convince a woman her unborn child was "not a baby" and convince her to have an abortion.

First, they misinform the undercover "client" about how soon a child develops a heartbeat, claiming that, "It's around I think the 8th or the 9th week that you can hear the heartbeat".  The correct answer is a little past three weeks.

Then the Planned Parenthood employee went further, telling the "client", "It's not a baby,
it's a fetus," which, she claims, is "not like a person."  And, when asked if an abortion will hurt the chances of having children in the future, the employee replied, "Nope".  But recognized medical statistics show an increase in the chances of miscarriage after abortion to be anywhere from 20-50%.

Pro-abortion groups receive over 1 billion in taxpayer dollars

There's a new study out that documents just how much YOUR money Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups have received, courtesy of the federal government over the past seven years.

As far as Planned Parenthood goes, the figure is over six-hundred and fifty MILLION dollars. - an average of over one hundred million per year.

The report takes a look at all taxpayer supported streams of revenue making their way to the organization - from "Title X" funding for "family planning" to funds from government organizations like USAID and HHS.  The report from the government's General Accounting Office pegs the exact seven year figure at $657.1 million.

Of course, when it comes to the abortion biz, that's not it: (via Lifenews)

Science of Gynecology Dictates no Abortions

Few realize this, mostly because they were unborn at the time, but the exact opposite of Roe vs. Wade occurred in the late nineteenth century. The heinous act of abortion, whether done by poison, drug, or chemical, was commonplace until someone actually spoke up for the unborn. It occurred with a doctor called Horatio Storer, and the man willing to document his ventures, Frederick Dyer, did speak up.

Storer's ground-breaking study and practice of gynecology was a first. Because gynecology was literally unknown in 1859, he was originally thought of as a 'quack'. Public reluctance to discuss a crime that had existed for the last hundred years inhibited the push to eliminate induced abortion.

At that time, a 'promoter' of abortion was the huge advertising revenues paid to newspapers from abortionists and "abortion-drug" sellers. Profits for abortions were huge motivational tools for a few physicians, even though abortions were detested by almost all their other colleagues.

By 1910, the "Crusade against Abortion" had produced numerous state laws against abortion. Many women realized that a living human being existed from conception. Physicians likely persuaded millions of women to continue pregnancies, that started by asking their physicians to end that pregnancy

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