I Have This Scared Little Health Care Bug In My Hands

I Have This Scared Little Health Care Bug In My Hands

A byMassingale F.A.S.C. Concepts News Story

 by Henry Massingale



Of course this makes a great first topic: it gets people talking and thinking. I, personally, am strongly against it. Having said that, I can't imagine how hard it would be to be faced with the decision to keep a child if it would kill me. I don't think I can really put myself on those shoes but I would hope that I would trust God enough. Also, some candidates feel abortion is ok for not only maternal health, but in the case of rape or incest. Again, I can't put myself in those shoes but I do know there are plenty of people who want babies, who wouldn't see that child as a reminder of a painful experience. It is also not taking the feelings of the baby into consideration, just the woman. The women can voice their pain, these innocent lives can't. I don't feel having an abortion would stop any of the traumatic feelings in the woman though. In fact, I feel the abortion alone might have more trauma. As a Christian, I believe ALL life is important, no matter how it came about. God doesn't make mistakes. . Like the analogy or not, to me abortion is baby genocide. Zygote, fetus, whatever you call it~it's the beginning of a human and it's life should be considered precious. Even if someone could argue for early term abortions, I can not understand how partial-birth abortions are any different from medical murders. Legally, it's a matter of a few inches. Legally, only a few inches make the difference between homicide and partial birth abortion. From my readings, abortion workers have said to see babies moving away from the abortion instuments at 12 weeks.

Are Blacks Oblivious to Their Obvious Problem?

Many Blacks don’t even think about their biggest problem. Many continue to send Democrats to Washington. But others know what is taking place, and refuse to bow down to dramatic culling, genocide, certain annihilation. They already see their population percentage decreasing in the America. Their numbers hacked away each year. They already know the culprits, the instigators, and the villains.

The National Black Prolife Coalition exposes the number one killer of Blacks: Planned Parenthood and urban abortion clinics. This coalition knows these organizations are responsible for abortions in the Black community that outnumber all other causes of death combined. This includes heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, homicides, and HIV/AIDS. Abortion is responsible for 363,705 black deaths per year. All the major causes above total 289,366 black deaths per year.

A talk show host in San Francisco spelled it out for all radical Blacks. Sharon Hughes -- African Americans the Target of Planned ...Parenthood, explains her views by revealing a black baby is 5 times more likely to be killed in the womb than a white baby.

God's Message from the Bible Code of the Torah

In the Bible Code, I find truth to my questions and uncertainities.  For instance, I looked up abortion and those who counter it, and I found Republician located near by.  I am have been shifting towards Republician views at a steady pace, so I can help change laws to protect unborn babies.  I found, in the Hebrew, the word "Homosexual" with the first eight letters (I believe eight letters) used, I discovered God Himself say "demon" and "angry".  I assume God is angry at demons for causing homosexuality.  God told me he hates abortions, and the doctors and drug companies that help perform them.  I do not know when or how God will punish those who get/do abortions, or homosexuals, but having lived in California for a decade, I was surrounded by homosexuals, and perhaps because I attended political and environmental responsibility meetings with various groups, I thought they were mild sinners.  But since the Bible Code said God was "angry" at the "demon" of homosexuals, I unfortunately can no longer feel as much comfort working with (lobbying, having meetings, praying along side) the homosexuals (major sinners) as I once did.

New statistics show thousands of disabled, Down Syndrome babies aborted

New abortion statistics have been released in England after a Freedom of Information Request filed by a pro-life group, and the information is shocking.  In short, it reveals thousands of abortions performed on disabled babies for everything from Down Syndrome to cleft palate.

This is the first time the British government has released information regarding abortions performed on the grounds of disabilities in over ten years.  It seems there's probably a reason for that - that being that the data makes people uncomfortable.

Just in the last year alone, records showed:

  • 2,290 abortions due to foetal medical problems last year
  • 35,000 abortions among under-16s since 2002
  • 26 since 2002 due to cleft palate fears
  • 147 on babies over 24 weeks into term last year
  • Thousands of abortions on 15 and 16 year old girls

From the Daily Mail:

Julia Millington, spokeswoman for the ProLife Alliance, said: 'This is a great victory for transparency and freedom of speech and we are delighted that full information about the justification for late abortions is now being made available in the same detail as it was in 2001.'

The data reveals that in 2010, 482 foetuses were aborted for Down's syndrome, including 10 who were over 24 weeks.

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Abortion, The Foremost Issue

Abortion, is it the foremost issue? Yes.

Can you have supported the right to an abortion in the past and still be a Christian? Yes.

Can you have had an abortion and still be a Christian? Yes.

Can you have helped support someone who had an abortion, even being the father of the unborn child yourself, not once, not twice, but three times or more and still be a Christian? Yes and yes.

Can you love and forgive yourself and others who have had an abortion? Yes, you must!

Can you vote for a politician who supports abortion? No.

Can you actively support, or passively accept, the Right to Choose as an acceptable political platform? No.

Can you call into question that an unborn child (and its mother) should have every opportunity possible to come to full term and enjoy the birth rights endowed by their creator? No.

You have, I hope, noticed that I believe that no one can ever deny anyone's Christianity but their own. We can only affirm in positive ways what we believe to be Christian principles and to me the right to life is the preeminent one.

Therefore, those who believe in the right to live must approach all political decisions with the law of abortion kept in mind. Is it the only issue, of course not, but it is the central issue.

New Hampshire legislature overrides veto of parental notification bill

New Hampshire became the 37th state to enact a parental notification law with regard to abortion on Wednesday when the Republican majority overrode the veto of Democrat Governor John Lynch.  The vote in the House of 266 to 102, and 17 to 7 in the Senate.

The legislation requires health care providers to 48 hours advance notice to parents of girls under 18 either in person or by certified mail.  Failure to do so would leave them subject to a misdemeanor charge.  The exceptions to the law include if a determination that the girls life is at risk, or if a delay would cause a "serious risk of substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily organ."

In the course of debate, NH state Representative Brandon Giuda stated, "If you believe children need parents involved in monumental life decisions, support this bill."

The Boston Globe has the history of the debate in New Hampshire:

Four years ago, Lynch made New Hampshire the first state to repeal a law requiring parental notification for minors to get abortions. He said the unenforced law was unconstitutional because it failed to protect the safety of young women.

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The Art of Killing Young Life

Young unborn tigers being killed in their mother’s womb is not accepted in our society. What about killing young unborn golden retrievers? If large enough, the baby retrievers would have to be removed piece by piece, or if almost full term, would have to be wholly removed and left to die outside of the womb somewhere. 

One could kill the mother, but no more babies would be produced after that. But with humans, the mother is a “life”. It would be unacceptable to kill her. But many decide to kill the baby instead. Wasn’t it thought to be unacceptable to kill “life”?

But humans fall back on Roe v. Wade, not only to justify, but to claim as ‘legal’ the killing of unborn children. It’s difficult to answer the question—what happens to the soul if I abort? Then we comprehend that diabolical accomplice—Planned Parenthood of America (PPA).

Do Americans want their tax money ($404.9 million/yr) paying to create death(www.NRLC.org)?  But PPA took in over a billion dollars in 2009, when over 90% of their services involved abortion and contraception.

No free speech rights for would-be fathers?

A would-be father in New Mexico is on a legal course to define whether or not men have an right to free speech when it concerns the activity of the women who carry their unborn children.  Specifically, if a woman chooses to have an abortion, can they speak out against it publicly?  What happens when the free speech rights enshrined in our First Amendment comes into conflict with the manufactured "right to privacy" which legalized abortion?

35 year old Greg Fultz of Alamogordo, New Mexico has paid to put up a billboard stating, "This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!"  The billboard has a picture of Fultz with an outline of a baby in his arms.

The woman has taken him to court for harassment and violation of privacy.

From the story...

...Fultz's attorney argues the order violates his client's free speech rights.

"As distasteful and offensive as the sign may be to some, for over 200 years in this country the First Amendment protects distasteful and offensive speech," Todd Holmes said.

School officials arrange for secret abortions

As hard as it is to imagine, a mother of a sixteen year old girl has found out that her daughter's school counsellor arranged for her to have an abortion without the parent's knowledge.

The mother, a Christ Church New Zealand resident, only found out about the abortion four days after the fact.

After suspecting that something was wrong with her daughter, she confronted her friends who admitted that the school's counsellor had arranged for the abortion.

From the story:

Helen, not her real name, found out about the termination four days after it had happened. "I was horrified. Horrified that she'd had to go through that on her own, and horrified her friends and counsellors had felt that she shouldn't talk to us," she said. ...

Helen said teachers could discuss how a student was doing in school or phone parents when their child misbehaved, but would then keep life-changing situations such as abortions secret.

Her daughter had since told her the counsellor "wasn't very forthcoming" with advice. The counsellor did ask the girl if she had talked to her parents, but never pursued it.

Helen said follow-up counselling for her daughter was "nonexistent". ...

Helen has been too upset to approach the school. "Afterwards I was too wild, and I probably still am."

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