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Is it OK for Christians to Take a Drink?

Is it OK for Christians to Take a Drink?

Antioch : CA : USA | Jun 11, 2014 at 4:53 PM PDT
Wine For Thy Stomach's Sake?

by Rev. Austin Miles

Rob Bell's No Hell Doesn't Jell

(Antioch, California May 22, 2011) We’re still here! Waited until aftter 6 PM Pacific to post this….just in case. It’s too bad Camping’s Prophecy didn’t jell as the event could have settled Rob Bell’s no hell notion once and for all.

If we all had been yanked from this world yesterday and saw the after-life for ourselves it would all become clear. Writers would not be able to publish their finidings, which in itself would answer the question—having a scoop and not being able to publish it, would be real hell for writers, thereby proving it DOES exist.

Helen Trautman, our Executive Research Associate currently living in Pittsburgh where she is CEO of Results Unlimited, an organization that does the planning and staging of major events as well as a Speaker’s Bureau booking national and international figures, actors and authors and who is putting finishing touches on her biblical one-woman show, Lydia, known in The Bible as the Seller of Purple, playing the starring role, with her big screen debut in the works, sent us several clips on the Rob Bell blast at Christian beliefs.

However, it took so much space to run off her credits that there is no room left for the story. OK, OK, I suppose we can lengthen the space for this issue…..

MilesTones Valentine's Day Special--Worst Case of Tongue-tied Communication Ever Recorded!

The Grammy Awards last night blasted the airwaves with a cacophony of sounds created to soothe jangled emotions of savage beasts and test the endurance of civilization at large. The expectation that Lady Gaga would sing a duet with Justin Bieber proved to be just a rumor. Pity. In an attempt to orate an in-depth analysis of the event, one challenged TV news reporter became hopelessly entangled in the worst case of tongue-tied communication ever recorded. Our thanks to up and coming musician, Michael Teeter, for catching this and sending it to MilesTones. Click on the link below to see and hear it:
According to Rev. Ed Berkey (retired) if you are unsure about politics,  consult The Bible. He sent this dispatch: “I have often wondered why the conservatives are called, ” The Right,” and the Liberals are called, “The Left”  That can be settled by Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV): “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” Guess that settles it.
Since the economy is in such bad shape, it seemed prudent to take pen in hand and create a home-made Valentine for my wife to cut down on expenses. Here it is::

Because Because

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