2008 Election


As I sit here this morning, I am overwhelmed, in awe.

I have
spent the last couple of years listening to arguments & political
debating between Christians, and others, on both sides of the party
lines. This is good… It is not only the God given freedom of speech
that enables us to express ourselves with passion, but a freedom that
we as Americans so often take for granted.

As a small group
leader, it has been incredible to watch individuals in our group,
debate out their political beliefs not only with such fervor, but also
respect, for their brothers & sisters in Christ. Then, continue in
their friendship and the calling that Christ has put before them,
without letting their differences get in the way. This is the way it

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Vote Your Conscience

Millions watch Obama and McCain answer to a recent 60 Minutes program

The undecided are beginning to weigh in after Obama's interview on 60 Minutes. Steve Kroft's interview with Obama spoke volumes of his inability to stay the course when pressured to answer the many questions. One such question was, what qualifies him to be the President? The young man showed to be nervously distressed as he awkwardly struggled to answer without the aid of his notebook or teleprompter, but eventually referred to his beliefs...?! Questions concerning America's problems were never found in Obama, as he clumsily danced his way through the questions as an unprepared student. Will American really swallow Obama's hype when we need definitive answers that can only come from GOD?

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