New Social Media Tools Boost Success of Christian Coalition Voter Guide Efforts

DATE: 10/29/10                                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
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New Social Media Tools Boost Success
of Christian Coalition Voter Guide Efforts

This Friday, Christian Coalition President Roberta Combs announced the tremendous impact of the Coalition’s online outreach strategy on its 2010 Voter Guide efforts.

“We began this election season with a strategy to take the tactics we have used in the past and leverage them with an aggressive use of the Internet.  We have done this with a combination of targeted online advertising and viral online tools that empower conservative activists to educate voters", Combs said.

“Thanks to new social media based tools, we have connected with hundreds of thousands of additional conservatives, identified tens of thousands of new activists and our voter guides will be seen by millions of more voters all across the country.”

Within recent months the Coalition has launched new online tools such as:

  • A “Voter Guides” tab for Facebook, which allows Facebook users to add a tab to any fan page, making voter guides available to their visitors.
  • A “Donate Your Status” application for both Facebook and Twitter, allowing supporters to automatically donate their status updates on a recurring basis with messages encouraging their friends to sign up and help distribute voter guides.
  • A Coalition toolbar for web browsers, which offers constant access to Coalition updates and action alerts.
  • A voter guide widget, enabling supporters to crowd-source signups for 2010 voter guides and reach more activists.  The widget allows other websites to display a form that site visitors can use to sign up to help distribute voter guides.

Christian Coalition of America is a non-partisan political organization that works to identify, educate and mobilize Christians for effective political action.  Since its inception, the Coalition has produced and distributed over a hundred million voter guides in elections all across America.

You can view current “2010 Online Outreach” elements at the following links: