Christian Coalition of America condemns Democrat-controlled House for passing "Thought Crimes" bill

Press Release
Christian Coalition of America
Roberta Combs, President

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Washington, D.C. – The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed the "Thought Crimes" bill or what it's sponsors call the "Hate Crimes" bill today which will result in homosexuals and transgenders being protected under a special class under the federal hate crimes law. Barack Obama has promised to sign this abominable bill into law if the Senate also passes it. It is truly a disgraceful way to celebrate the 100th day of the Barack Obama administration.

Christian Coalition of America (CCA) will be scoring today's House vote and the upcoming Senate vote in both the CCA Congressional Scorecard and in next year's CCA Voter Guides in congressional races next year. About 25 Democrats in Republican districts (which President George W. Bush and Senator John McCain won) voted for the "Thought Crimes" bill. Pastors have been thrown in jail because of similar laws in Sweden, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom just because they have preached the Bible on homosexuality.

The American people did not vote last November for the onslaught of such left-wing legislation in both the realm of social issues such as abortion and special rights for homosexuals/transgenders and in the realm of economics. The American people need to rise up and let their voice be heard. The hundreds of thousands of Americans who demonstrated in the April 15th tea parties was a good beginning. It needs to continue.