Which issues are most important to you in the coming election?

33% (1959 votes)
9% (519 votes)
National Security
20% (1182 votes)
The Judiciary
12% (733 votes)
Traditional Marriage
26% (1568 votes)
Total votes: 5961



Good Afternoon from Xpress

First time respondent.  I read the comments with interest and I think that is is singularly curious that people who use this site (Christian) have such diverse views in terms of how life relates to God's word.  There is a tendency me thinks, to reinvent God's word or perhaps re-interpolate (not interpret) to fit it to a sort of "feel good" experience we would like to believe existant due to relationships with friends or relatives or as a result of a life long belief or political agenda.  Sadly, it does't work that way.  God's word is inerrant.  It doesn't change and it is not subject to upgrade to fit any personal or political agenda.   As to the person who suggested that Jesus would be a little put out with us over the manner in which the question of homosexuality is approached,  I would suggest that you devote yourself to the Pauline letters so that you might become better acquainted with the Word as it bears on that issue.  It is also very true that Jesus gravated toward sinners because he came to the world to offer life to all, not just the "do gooders" if you follow me in the venacular.  Recall his reference to the Pharisees as a generation of vipers even though they were stictly adherent to the Mosaic Law.  As pertinent to the issue of Abortion, either visit my blog on this network or accept this as your compass.  Jesus said,  "Take heed that you do not despise these little ones for I say to you that in Heaven their Angels always see the face of My Father who is in Heaven" [Matthew 18:10]  "Let the little children come to Me and do not forbid them; for of such is the Kingdom of God" [Luke 18:15].  Jesus didn't say anything about sending children to him vis a vis Roe v. Wade.

God Bless You...Xpress  

Thank you. It looks as if the story of the surviving five-month unborn child impacted you some way.

Nevertheless the illustration was not intended to be either pro-life or "pro-choice". It intended to point out three issues:

First: The selfishness of a 17-year-old girl and her [physician] boyfriend. Don't you think they waited too long?

Second: The solitude of the elderly in our society.

Third: That "not even a hyena" as the old lady commented in repentance "would commit such an atrocity". Or would she?

Your sophism of "eating animals" looks farfetched to me. Yet, if you honestly believe I am wrong, show me where with specific and credible details. Anyhow I am a vegetarian because I eat up all vegetable-eating animals . . .

Please allow me to respectfully point out that the issue is between you and your consciense. No one else's.

Again, I thank you for reading what I repeated "as someone else told me".


Unfortunately, you will find McCain is a Trojan Horse..


But, no matter what we see - we have to have faith that God has it all under control..

Do not let the spirit of fear prevail..



Yes, I agree. It's the economy. But you fail to specify why.

Consequently I hereby urge you to analyze the following phenomena that none of our "briliant" financial "experts" of the newsmedia has noticed. Or if they have, they have knowingly elected to ignore the issue:

"The popularity of the Obama-Biden ticket and Wall Street indexes invariably move in opposite directions. On the other hand, when polls show that the McCain-Palin ticket starts to fill the gap, Wall Street starts to move up, but drops like a rock as soon as the Democratic Ticket separates again".

Since you used the term "stupid" I will also use it evoking an old principle of life-insurance sale presentations. Do you know what KISS means. It stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Yes, "it's the economy, stupid, the economy" . . .

All of the issues are vitally important. However,
abortion is MURDER, and "Thou shalt do no murder." is a
Commandment from GOD. If we do not stop this abomination, we will have no
legacy as "Christians". They will have been murdered before we can
"go and teach the world", and we will be responsible for NOT STANDING
UP, NOT DOING OUR DUTY, to stop this senseless slaughter. 99.5% of ALL
abortions are for convenience, not for the health or safety of the
mother. The number is now over 4,000 babies a day in America. GOD said, “I
knew you while you were in your mothers womb”.

NURSES, I BEG YOU DO NOT ASSIST IN THIS PROCEDURE; for GOD will hold you just as accountable as the Doctor.





who did you serve with in Ranger/Green Beret.

Have some great friends who were Ranger/Green Beret ( Vietnam era )

Did you ever meet any advisors with the BDQ?  Great group of guys.


Here's a pic from ranger camp in the 60's bet you know where it is... maybe even know some of the guys. 



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