Dozens of intelligence analysts reportedly claim assessments of ISIS were altered

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Dozens of intelligence analysts working at the U.S. military's Central Command (CENTCOM) have complained that their reports on ISIS and the Nusra Front in Syria were inappropriately altered by senior officials, according to a published report.

America's Path to Progress


The time is right for Christian Coalition supporters and allies to step forward to promote energy independence initiatives.

Senate Leader McConnell tells Obama to choose between rhetoric or real solutions

The Leader of the Senate Republicans, Senator Mitch McConnell, KY, came out on Wednesday and told Barack Obama to "end his charade."  Since Obama's speech before a Joint Session of Congress  --  which was a bust a few weeks ago  --  Barack Obama is trying to get Congress to pass what he calls a "jobs" bill, but what is really his second major "stimulus" bill.  The first Obama "stimulus" bill, which cost Americans one trillion dollars, was an abject failure.

Senate Leader McConnell said:  "For the past three weeks, President Obama has been racing around the country trying to rally public support for a second stimulus bill and demanding that Congress pass it ‘right away.’"

RSC Chairman Jordan: 888 days, and Senate Democrats still have no budget!

The re-election campaign of the Blame-Everyone-Else-in-Chief, Barack Obama  --  who has blamed just about everyone else for the Obama Recession (or very close to a recession) which our nation is experiencing including two and a half years of blaming President George W. Bush  --  is now singling out the Majority Leader in the United States House of Representatives, Eric Cantor, R-VA for blame.

Obama said in a speech at a community college:  "I'd like Mr Cantor to come down here to Dallas and explain what exactly in this jobs bill does he not believe in."

Speaker Boehner Condemns Sentence of Death for Christian Pastor in Iran

Christian Coalition of America commends Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, Republican from Ohio, for condemning religious persecution in Iran.  Specifically, Speaker Boehner is denouncing Iran for issuing a death sentence against a Christian pastor, Yousef Nadarkhani, just because he is Christian. 

Speaker Boehner says this about Pastor Nadarkhani's imminent execution:  "I urge Iran’s leaders to abandon this dark path, spare Yousef Nadarkhani’s life, and grant him a full and unconditional release."

The rest of the press release from the Speaker's office is directly below:


RSC Chairman Jordan: "Spending Bill Shows Democrats' Priorities"

The chairman of the 180-member conservative Republican Study Committee in the House of Representatives, Congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio, has a problem with spending by Democrats.  The bottom line is that the Democrats just do not want to cut spending but they do want to increase taxes on the American people.  Congressman Jordan also urges passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment.

House Energy & Commerce Committee: "Worst week for ObamaCare"

The Obama administration recognized yesterday that it would not successfully defend its socialized medicine scheme, ObamaCare, in a hearing before the full membership of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which is more conservative than the United States Supreme Court, and thus, it threw in the towel. 

Senate Republican Leader blasts Democrats: "This Entire Fire-Drill Was Completely Unnecessary"

The leader of the Republicans in the United States Senate, Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky blasted his Democrat counterparts yesterday over a near government shut-down crisis which should never have occurred in the first place.

Senate Leader McConnell said on the Senate floor yesterday:

“After tonight’s vote, I think the best path forward is clear: the quickest and surest way to get FEMA all the disaster funds it needs, and put an end to any talk of a government shutdown, is for the Senate to take up and pass the House-passed CR right away.

“Unfortunately, my friends on the other side of the aisle will not agree to that.

“However, earlier today, as we all know, FEMA indicated it already has the funds it needs for the duration of the current CR — without the billions more in emergency funds Democrats have been calling for.

Senate Republicans Say: "Cincinnati Isn't Convinced, Mr. President"

It is sort of comical, but tragic, how Barack Obama has basically confined himself on visits to nearly only those states for whose electoral votes he desperately needs for relection next year, still some 14 months away.  He is almost non-stop on Air Force One these days trying to get voters in those key battleground states to support his $1.5 TRILLION, with a "T", tax increases. 

The American people are not buying Obama's "Stimulus 2" either, no matter how many visits to their states he makes.  Indeed, by overwhelming majorities, they want Obama's signature "achievement," his socialized medicine scheme, ObamaCare, repealed by the next president. 

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