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Second Grader Denied Bible During Reading Time

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A second grader in Cypress, Texas, was told not to read her Bible during "read to myself" independent reading time, according to the Liberty Institute.

Her parents said they went to the institute instead of Hamilton Elementary to complain about the action because they were afraid of backlash from the school.

They said they do not want the teacher to get into trouble, but they want their daughter to be free to read the Bible.

Other parents at the school are also upset.

Administration has missed more than half of ObamaCare deadlines

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The administration has failed to meet 44 statutory deadlines required under Obamacare, according to a new report by the Congressional Research Service (CRS). 

Rising Food, Gas Prices Put Squeeze on Consumers

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A government report shows food prices jumped last month and there's concern the trend may continue. That, coupled with rising gas prices, is forcing many families to find new ways to stretch their budget.

Gekima Robinson likes to cook bacon for her kids, especially on important test days. But she hasn't purchased much lately.