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No Deal: Iran Nuke Plan Punted Till June

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Today the six world powers in nuclear negotiations with Iran say talks have entered a new phase.

The deadline for the nuclear negotiations was originally Tuesday, but no deal has been reached. Officials say this new phase is aimed at reaching a comprehensive accord by the end of June.

The talks have been extended twice since November.

Pence: Indiana law on religious freedom 'not about discrimination ... not going to change'

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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said Sunday that a new state law that attempts to protect long-standing religious freedoms “is not about discrimination” and that he and other state lawmakers do not intend to change the legislation.

Pence, a Republican, said the legislation that he signed last week prohibits Indiana laws that "substantially burden" a person's ability to follow his or her religious beliefs.

Netanyahu: Iran Deal 'Dangerous to All Humanity'

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JERUSALEM, Israel -- The world's powers are pushing hard to meet Tuesday's deadline for a nuclear deal with Iran, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns Tehran is buiding an axis that is "dangerous to all humanity."

At times the atomosphere in Switzerland seems almost playful, even among sometime adversaries like the United States and Russia.

"I'm not paid to be optimistic," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.