May 14, 2010

ems Voting Down McCain Amendment Shrinking Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is a Disgrace

On Tuesday, the two Democrat politicians (Senator Chris Dodd and Congressman Barney Frank) and the two gigantic federally-subsidized housing agencies (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) most responsible for the stock market crash, the bursting of the housing bubble, and the Great Recession won yet another victory (against the American people).

Senator John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate who lost to Barack Obama in 2008, introduced an amendment to the financial regulatory-reform bill being debated on the Senate floor this week, which would have reformed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which have already received $145 billion in bail-out money from American taxpayers. These were the two government-owned agencies which subsidized mortgage borrowers who could not afford to buy homes and which are now subsidizing these home-owners to avoid foreclosure... (READ MORE)


Conservative Cheat-sheet on Kagan?

With Obama'a nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to fill Justice Stevens' seat on the high court, the commentary is all over the map. Some of the most interesting criticism is the supposed liberal complaints that she's not liberal enough. Uh-huh. Sounds a lot like the folks in the White House spin lounge are trying to make conservatives feel better by making them think liberals are worried she'll be their version of David Souter.

Not buying it.

On the right side of the aisle, there's plenty to be concerned about, as David Weigel point out today... (READ MORE)



Seniors in Georgia Told Not to Pray Before Federally Funded Meals

As incredible (or not) as it may seem, senior citizens at a Georgia rest home have been told by a company that contracts with the city of Port Wentworth that, since the meals they provide are primarily subsidized by the federal government, they should not openly pray before meals.

The result? This past Thursday's meal was preceeded by a "moment of silence" instead.

The city's Mayor and City Attorney are trying to find a way out of the problem... (READ MORE)


Another Democrat Retires: (US map Showing Retirements Inside)

This week's retirement by Wisconsin Democrat David Obey spells more trouble for the Dems this fall. First, it's yet another open seat that they will have to defend, and it's not a "solid blue" seat by any means. Second, it says something about how Democrat leaders are reading the November tea leaves if a major committee chairman retires, (Obey chairs the powerful House Appropriations Committee). It says that either he thinks he'll have trouble winning another term, or he's pretty sure that the GOP will take back the House and he'll no longer be a major committee chairman...or both.

In any event, it's getting interesting.

Here's a Google map put together by Michael Barone at the Washington Examiner which details each major congressional retirement so far... (READ MORE)


Support Our Campaign to Defend The National Day of Prayer

Recently, a US Federal Judge made a ruling that would surely surprise our Founding Fathers. She ruled that the "National Day of Prayer" is unconstitutional!

Currently, a bipartisan group of over twenty US House members have co-sponsored a resolution calling on President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to appeal this decision all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

We need to give them our support! Join our online campaign to voice your support for the National Day of Prayer, and your support for efforts to overturn this horrendous decision.

Click here and sign our online petition today. Then be sure to contact your members of Congress and let them know that you support the National Day of Prayer and encourage them to co-sponsor the resolution.

Take this opportunity to speak out for our values today!


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