July 6, 2012

Roberts Switched Sides to Uphold Obamacare

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts reportedly initially sided with conservatives on the court to strike down the heart of the health care law - but later changed his mind.

CBS News reports that Roberts formed an alliance with liberals to uphold most of the law, a move that drew the ire of his fellow conservative justices.

Justice Anthony Kennedy launched a concerted effort to sway Roberts back to his original posItion.

"He (Kennedy) was relentless," one source told CBS News. "He was very engaged in this."

No one is certain why Roberts switched sides. Some analysts have speculated he was keenly aware of pressure from the media and liberal politicians... (READ MORE)


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Today, Christians need to play an active role in government again like never before.

If we are going to be able to change policy and influence decisions, it is imperative that people of faith become committed to doing what Ronald Reagan called "the hard work of freedom".

Christian Coalition offers people of faith the vehicle to be actively involved in impacting the issues they care about - from the county courthouse to the halls of Congress.

We are driven by the belief that people of faith have a right and a responsibility to be involved in the world around them. That involvement includes community, social and political action... (READ MORE)


New Trial Date Set for Condemned Iran Pastor Youcef

The apostasy charges against jailed Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani may have been dropped, Present Truth Ministries reports.

The ministry said the house church pastor is now reportedly being charged with committing "crimes against national security," and that a new trial is set for September.

Experts say the move suggests that Nadarkhani's death sentence has been overturned... (READ MORE)


Citizenship Sunday - Host a Voter Registration Drive in Your Church

Statistics have shown that only about half of all self-identified Christians are actually registered, which means that they have no voice in our government.  Simply put, if we are going to be able to have an impact on the issues we care about, this must change!

That’s what our Citizenship Sunday program is all about.

In honor of Independence Day, the Christian Coalition of America urges you to participate and give everyone in your church an easy opportunity to register to vote and have an impact for our shared values this coming November... (READ MORE)


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