July 13, 2012

Speaker Boehner Joins Leader McConnell in Challenging Senate Democratic Leaders to Bring President’s Small Business Tax Hike to a Vote

On Tuesday House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) joined Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in challenging Democratic leaders to demonstrate that President Obama’s plan for a small business tax hike has the support of their own party by holding an immediate vote on it in the Democratic-controlled Senate:

“I agree with Senator McConnell: if Democrats support the president’s small business tax hike, then they should allow it to come to an immediate vote in the Senate.  After yet another dismal jobs report, the American people need to know whether Senate Democrats agree with the president’s plan to raise taxes on small business job creators – or if he is simply campaigning on another plan that, like his budget, doesn’t even have the support of his party"... (READ MORE)


Use the Christian Coalition Congressional Twitter Directory to "Tweet" Your Congressional Representatives

Are you on Twitter?  If so, you can use our new Congressional Twitter Directory to get in touch with members of Congress who are also on Twitter - and encourage others to do the same as well.

Our directory includes all congressional Republicans and Democrats who maintain Twitter accounts, and is organized by state, making it easier for you to find who you are looking for.

By speaking out to elected officials on Twitter, you make it more likely that others who think like you do may help spread the message as well... (READ MORE)


Two Big Reasons Small Businesses Are Worried

Economic reports over the last few months have not been good, and I’ve heard from a number of small business owners who are very concerned about the future. The President’s health care law is a big part of the problem. As many employers explained to a news station in the D.C. area, ObamaCare “will mean not hiring new workers, not growing their business, and some say they'll just pay the penalty, rather than having to cover all of their workers.” The same concerns were also voiced in this article, with multiple employers saying the law will lead to fewer full-time jobs and more temp and part-time work.

This law isn’t affordable, it doesn’t protect patients, and it isn’t good for our economy. Those are three big reasons why the House of Representatives will vote again to repeal it later this week.

ObamaCare isn’t the only obstacle to a healthy economy, though. This week President Obama publicly demanded higher taxes on families and small businesses who already pay a 33% or 35% income tax rate... (READ MORE)


Obamacare to Cost $2.6 Trillion over First Decade

A new government report found that Obamacare will be far more expensive than the president originally promised.

The Senate Budget Committee study says spending will come in at $2.6 trillion in the first full decade of the new law. President Obama said it would cost around $900 billion.

The report came as the Republican-controlled House voted Wednesday to fully repeal the law, continuing the ongoing debate over the best way to overhaul America's health care system... (READ MORE)


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