January 11, 2013

Rep. Marsha Blackburn Seeks Cosponsors to Restrict Title X Support for Abortion Businesses

Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has introduced the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act of 2013 which would stop HHS from providing federal family planning assistance under Title X to abortion businesses unless they certify they won’t provide and refer abortions.

The reintroduction of this legislation in the 113th Congress made technical corrections to Congressman Mike Pence’s H.R. 217 which was introduced in the 112th Congress. Rep. Blackburn is Vice-Chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee which oversees Title X of the 1970 Public Health Service Act... (READ MORE)


Will You Stand With Israel?

Christian Coalition has launched a national campaign to call on Americans and our government to “Stand with Israel”.

We must not allow our leaders to put America in a position of weakening Israel in the face of those who are committed to its destruction.  Let our leaders know that you agree. 

Join our campaign to "Stand with Israel" and tell Washington that we must not compromise the peace and security of Israel... (READ MORE)


Will God Handle the Present-day Persian Haman?

Iran's current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has boldly and loudly proclaimed to Israel and to all the world that he thinks the Jewish people are children of pigs, that they are a cancer on the world that needs to be removed, and that their Jewish nation of Israel must be "wiped off the face of the map." It sounds more than a little like the book of Esther is being re-written and the hateful Persian danger has risen again. It so happens that, very much like the hateful Persian leader Haman 2500 years ago, another hateful Persian leader has arisen today who is again threatening to destroy the Jewish people.  Although the name of God is not mentioned in the pages of the book of Esther, the mind and hand of God are there - unmistakably clear.

We all know the old story well. God knew what was happening then with the Persian Haman's evil designs so He raised up Mordecai and Esther to be His instruments to frustrate Haman's plans, to save the lives of all the Jewish people, and to prevent the wicked Persian from wiping all the Jews off the face of the earth. Since today's situation with Iran, the present-day Persia, is so similar, we have to raise the question, what will the God of Israel do this time to overcome the evil designs of the present-day Persian leader... (READ MORE)


Supreme Court Will Hear Gay Marriage Cases

The Supreme Court will hear two days worth of arguments at the end of March concerning gay marriage laws.

One case involves California's Poposition 8, where a voter-approved constitutional amendment defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

The second will look at the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which is aimed at protecting that traditional definition... (READ MORE)


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