February 26, 2010

Pro-life Democrat Champion Bart Stupak Renews Battle

Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak, the pro-life champion for the year of 2009, seems to have his work cut out for him again this year. After six hours of debate and discussion on Thursday at The Blair House, it was only within the last few minutes of the event that the true purpose for the "Health Care Summit" was revealed.

After speaking for over two hours himself, and congressional Democrats speaking for another two hours, President Obama basically implied that if the Republicans do not go along with most of the provisions of the massive $2.3 trillion ObamaCare bill then the Democrats would go their own way; Obviously a reference to the use of the so-called reconciliation procedure to ram through ObamaCare.

The reconciliation process would enable the Democrats to pass ObamaCare with only 51 votes in the U.S. Senate, bypassing the filibuster of the minority. This procedure, of course, has never been used before on such a major bill. In fact, historically, very large bipartisan majorities have been obtained in order to pass major pieces of legislation... (READ MORE)


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Democrat leaders are talking about trying to force through their health care bill using a "reconciliation process" that would allow them to overcome the need for 60 votes in the Senate.

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Obama Cranking Up the Re-Election Machine?

It certainly looks like the folks in the White House are beginning to put Obama's re-election machinery into high gear. According to Politico, Obama's top hands are laying the groundwork for the 2012 campaign.

Of course, it's not unusual or even unexpected for a president to begin to make high profile preparations for a re-election campaign. It would be more surprising if he didn't. But what is surprising is how soon into his term that they've begun to make those moves. Usually this sort of thing doesn't happen until after the mid-term elections are over. But given how bad things look for Democrats lately, it doesn't look like they want to wait and take any chances... (READ MORE)


Beverly Hills Doesn't Care for (Conservative) Free Speech

In what's starting to look like a case of history repeating itself, a contestant in the upcoming Miss California pageant has let it slip that she's opposed to gay marriage. And liberals are having fits.

In this case, the city council of Beverly Hills - the very city which Lauren Ashley will represent - has condemned her views and is demanding that the pageant not allow her to use the moniker "Miss Beverly Hills" in the competition... (READ MORE)


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