February 19, 2010

Democrats Still Want to Push Public Option Via Reconciliation

Congressional Democrats have not given up on the idea of passing government run health care - despite the overwhelming opposition of the American public.

Senate and House liberals are co-signing a letter urging Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to use the budget reconciliation process to push the so-called "public option" through the Senate. Now that Republicans have the 41 votes necessary to sustain a filibuster, the Democrats want to get around the filibuster all together by using the budget process to pass legislation that would alter 1/6th of the American economy. Which the majority of the American public do NOT want... (READ MORE)


Join Our Campaign to Stop Obamacare

Even today, Democrat leaders are talking about trying to force through their health care bill using a "reconciliation process" that would allow them to overcome the need for 60 votes in the Senate.

Americans must continue to stand up and say "NO".

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The Pundits Chime in on Evah Bayh

Monday, Indiana Democrat Senator Evan Bayh dropped a bombshell on the political world and announced he would not run for re-election this fall - just one day before the deadline to file in that state.

Given that Bayh was a two term incumbent and had about thriteen million dollars in his campaign account, he was the strongest bet the Democrats had to hold the seat this fall. In fact, in spite of his advantages, the seat was rated as only "slightly" leaning in the Democrats direction, (due in part to the fact that Indiana is generally more of a Republican state). That's changed now. Within hours of Bayh's announcement, pundits have switched the contest to "slightly Republican" odds.

Also, from a pro-life standpoint, it increases the odds of another pick-up in the Senate, given that Bayh was pro-abortion, (and both of the leading GOP contenders are solidly pro-life)... (READ MORE)


It's No Longer Bush's Fault

It is hard to believe that, well into Barack H. Obama's first term, he and his top officials, and their Democrat counterparts in the congressional leadership, are still blaming George W. Bush for the economic woes Americans are still experiencing.

The president, while putting great pressure on congressional Democrats to pass his trillion dollar (with interest) stimulus bill shortly after he was inaugurated, warned that the unemployment rate -- which was 7.7% when he became president -- would go above 8% if the Democrat-controlled Congress did not pass his stimulus bill. So, most of the "moderate" Democrats joined over 200 left-wing Democrats in the House -- with no Republicans supporting the bill -- and passed Obama's stimulus bill. In the Senate, 3 liberal Republicans joined most of the Democrat Senators in supporting the stimulus legislation.

The result? Unemployment has not only gone above the 8% rate which Obama threatened it would if his bill was not passed, but the unemployment rate has averaged over 10% for months. Most economists believe that the unemployement rate will actually average between 10% and 10.2% in 2010. The expected unemployment rate in 2011 -- clearly due to Obama's gigantic government spending -- is projected by the Obama administration to average 9.2%... (READ MORE)


Political Roundup: 2-17-10

Some highlights and lowlights...

Planned Parenthood has the keys to the White House

At least metaphorically speaking, that is. White House visitor logs reveal that, since Obama became President, the folks from Planned Parenthood have pretty much come and gone as they pleased, having access to top White House staffers throughout 2009. Their first meeting there? January 20 - Inauguration Day. (And who says the White House can't get things done quick when they want to?)

As you can imagine, a lot of the meetings seem to have centered on Obama's proposed health care "reform" bill...and the desire of the Planned Parenthood folks to have abortion included as a covered "service" in any new health care system, (government run, or otherwise). And, for the record, it doesn't seem that the pro-life groups have had that kind of access.

ACORN funder and supporter to run government community service organization

Despite all of the scandals that have surrounded ACORN over the years, (most notably last years multiple instances of offering to aid and abet underage prostitution and tax evasion), it doesn't seem that Democrats are deterred from continuing to cozy up to them... (READ MORE)


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