December 14, 2012

Christian Coalition Encourages America to Pray for the Families of the Victims in Newtown, CT

Christian Coalition of America encourages all Americans to keep the families of those victimized by the horrible shootings in Newtown, Connecticut in your prayers.

Our hearts go out to the families and we pray that God's love will bring comfort during this time of bereavement and loss.


Israel Will Live Forever

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently addressed the United Nations General Assembly, strongly defending the existence of the state of Israel, and stressing that the Jewish state "will live forever." He also warned the nations of the world that a nuclear armed Iran will be a great threat not only to Israel and the Middle East, but also to all the world.

He started his speech by saying that he was happy to be addressing the UN General Assembly, which was being presided over by the Israeli Ambassador to the UN. Then the first item on his agenda was to stress the long existence of the state of Israel and to defend its present existence. "Three thousand years ago," he said, "King David ruled over a nation called Israel, and from a capital called Jerusalem." He added, "Today we are happy to have a modern Jewish state that will live forever"... (READ MORE)


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Spending is the Problem: Chasing Higher Spending With Higher Taxes Won’t Solve Our Debt

In the debate over avoiding the “fiscal cliff,” an important point has been forgotten: when it comes to solving our debt, government spending is the problem that must be addressed.

Republicans have offered a balanced, pro-growth solution that would avert the fiscal cliff by making needed spending cuts and reforming our tax code in ways the president previously supported. This kind of plan – backed by a majority of the American people in survey after survey – would help address our debt and pave the way for long-term job growth... (READ MORE)


Where Are the President’s Spending Cuts?

Washington, DC is currently absorbed in the question of what to do about taxes and spending next year. House Republicans already approved a plan months ago to stop looming tax hikes and make sensible spending cuts. Then there’s President Obama’s latest proposal. Liberals laughably say it’s “balanced” with higher taxes and lower spending. The tax hikes are all-too-real. But if you cut away the smoke, mirrors and gimmicks as economist Keith Hennessey recently did, you’ll discover the Obama plan doesn’t reduce spending at all. It spends more!

So where are the spending cuts the president claims to support? The tax rate increase he wants on small businesses – which Ernst & Young says will destroy 710,000 jobs — would only pay for 8 days of government spending. The federal government is on track for a 5th straight year of $1 trillion deficits. Americans deserve to know what President Obama plans to do about it... (READ MORE)


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