August 24, 2012

Order Your Christian Coalition Pray and Vote Decal 

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Let everyone know that you will be praying AND voting this coming Election Day!

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Promote the Christian Coalition "Pray & Vote" Campaign by Donating Your Status Updates

This past November we launched our “Pray and Vote” campaign to build an army of conservative voter education activists for the 2012 elections – and we have less than three months to go!

We are asking supporters to help us leverage the power of the Internet to spread the word about our voter education campaign.

Donate your status to promote the "Pray and Vote" campaign today! 


Non-partisan CBO’s Updated Budget and Economic Outlook - Democrats’ Inaction Will Cause Another Recession

On Wednesday, the CBO released its updated budget and economic forecast. The report shows that pending tax increases and arbitrary spending cuts would send the U.S. economy into another economic recession and drive the unemployment rate above 9 percent by the end of 2013.

Only House Republicans have passed legislation to avoid this recession by stopping the tax hike and replacing the sequestration with common-sense spending reductions. Unfortunately, President Obama and Senate Democrats have not brought forth a credible plan to avoid the next recession. House Republicans have urged the president and Democrats in the Senate to join us in preventing another recession. Without action from the president and the Senate, CBO confirms that we are heading for another recession... (READ MORE)


Congressmen Price & Tipton: Heading Off a Massive Hike

For 42 straight months, the unemployment rate in America has been at or above 8 percent.

Millions of families are struggling. America’s small businesses — which create the majority of jobs in America — lack the confidence and certainty needed to invest, grow, and hire.

In the presence of this dismal economic recovery, amazingly, there is an ongoing debate about whether or not the nation should be forced to endure a massive tax increase on Jan. 1, 2013... (READ MORE)


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