August 10, 2012

Romney Selects Paul Ryan as Running Mate

Mitt Romney has tapped Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate, The Associated Press reports.

A Republican with knowledge of the development confirmed the selection to the AP, hours ahead of an official announcement at 8:45 a.m. during a campaign stop Saturday morning in Norfolk, Va. Romney will then launch his "The Romney Plan For A Stronger Middle Class" bus tour.

The selection comes roughly two weeks before the start of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, and gives Romney plenty of space to rally the party behind his pick before the official nomination... (READ MORE)


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Manufacturers: POTUS’ Tax Hike on Job Creators “A Fundamentally Bad Move”

While out campaigning on Wednesday, President Obama told supporters, “We've got too much work to do to create good jobs.” He’s also said he supports “bringing manufacturing and construction jobs back.” What the president doesn’t tell his audiences is the centerpiece of his campaign – a massive tax hike on small businesses – will actually hurt manufacturers and destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs.

According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), President Obama’s “tax increase on those making over $250,000 per year is a tax increase on manufacturers”:

“Nearly two-thirds of manufacturers pay taxes at the individual rate and they need those resources to invest in their companies and hire workers. In fact, according to a recent NAM/IndustryWeek survey, 56 percent of these manufacturers indicated that higher taxes will negatively impact business investment or job creation and retention. President Obama has said himself that it’s a terrible idea to raise taxes in a struggling economy and he was right when he said that"... (READ MORE)


California Board Blocks Chick-fil-A Opening

The gay marriage controversy may now be standing in the way of a new Chik-fil-A opening in California.

This week, five members of Santa Barbara's architectural board abstained from approving a landscaping plan for a restaurant. The move essentially halts the project from moving forward.

City Councilman Frank Hotchkiss condemned the board and requested its members resign.

"For a group thats supposed to working on architectural benefits for the city to just stop what they're doing because of their political views is outrageous," he said... (READ MORE)


Statement by Speaker Boehner on the President Signing the Sequester Transparency Act

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement after President Obama signed the Sequester Transparency Act into law:

“Now that this common-sense measure has been signed into law, it’s time for President Obama to explain how he plans to cut troop and defense funding by more than half a trillion dollars.  The president insisted on these irresponsible cuts, promising to work in a bipartisan way so that they would never, ever threaten our national security.

“Republicans have challenged President Obama and Senate Democrats to come up with their own plan to solve this problem, and to act on it, but they have failed to do so.  Only Republicans have addressed the threat to our national security by passing responsible legislation to replace these defense cuts with responsible savings and reforms.  President Obama has failed to demonstrate the leadership necessary to solve the looming threat to our national defense, and instead spent his time campaigning for higher taxes on small business owners at a time when our economy continues to struggle"... (READ MORE)


Economists: Obama “Recovery” A “Real Tragedy,” Would Be “Madness” to Raise Taxes

Friday’s jobs report showed the unemployment rate “ticked up to 8.3 percent.” That makes July the 42nd consecutive month with unemployment above eight percent and this “the weakest economic recovery since World War II.”

Stanford economist John B. Taylor examined July’s unemployment report and said the economic recovery under President Obama has been “a real tragedy.” Trillions of dollars in deficit spending, excessive new government regulations and red tape, the government takeover of health care, and the ever-present threat of tax hikes have led to what Taylor calls “a recovery in name only.”

More and more economists now say stopping all of President Obama’s tax hikes is necessary to prevent further damage to our struggling economy. The House passed a bipartisan bill to do so, ensuring no small business or middle class family would see their  taxes rise; but so far, the president and Senate Democrats aren’t listening... (READ MORE)


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