Santorum, Romney Weigh in on 'Obamacare' Hearing

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Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney have wasted no time weighing in on the Obamacare hearing.

Both are trying to turn the issue to their advantage, with Santorum speaking on the courthouse steps and Romney holding an event at a medical company.

Rick Santorum made the case front and center Monday, calling it the blockbuster issue of the campaign.

"This is the most important issue in this election. It's one that encapsulates all of the issues that are at stake in this very critical election in our country's history," Santorum said.

Before the rally, the former Pennsylvania senator spoke one-on-one with CBN News' David Brody. He pointed out that Mitt Romney did not head to the Supreme Court to join the outcry against the law.

"You'll notice that Mitt Romney isn't going there and he won't talk about it, and the reason is that he supported what Barack Obama did on healthcare and wrote the blueprint in Massachusetts," Santorum told CBN News.

But Romney did take on the issue Monday, speaking at a California medical company.

"They said they would cut the cost of health insurance. In fact, it has increased the cost of health insurance," he said.

Romney attacked the Obama law on a number of points, including the option of keeping your own policy.
"Oh, and then there was the story that Obamacare -- if you wanted to keep your current insurance, you could," Romney began.

"But now we find out that some 30 percent of employers in America say that when it goes into effect, they will drop their employee coverage and instead will have them go to Obamacare," he explained.

Both Romney and Santorum say if elected, they'll work to repeal the law.

The president, meanwhile, is literally on the other side of the globe attending a nuclear summit.

His spokesman reiterated the administration's belief that the law is constitutional, saying the president feels the issue is now something for the court to decide.