Israel's Netanyahu Appeals to US Voters on Iran

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to the American airwaves, appealing directly to the American public to elect a president willing to draw a "red line" with Iran.

The Obama administration has said it will do what it takes to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, but Netanyahu told NBC's "Meet the Press" that it takes more than words.

"If you're determined to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons, it means you'll act before they get nuclear weapons," the prime minister said on the Sunday morning news program.

"I just think that it's important to communicate to Iran that there is a line that they won't cross," he said.

Netanyahu estimated the Islamic Republic is about six months away from having the enriched uranium it needs to create a nuclear weapon.

He said now is the time to spell out limits that Tehran must not cross if it is to avoid military action.

President Obama has asked Israel to hold off on any strike on Iran's nuclear sites in an effort to give diplomacy time to work. But Netanyahu said if necessary, Israel will protect itself without U.S. help.

"President Obama and the U.S. administration have repeatedly said that Israel has the right to act by itself -- against any threat -- to defend itself. And I think that that remains our position," the Israeli prime minister said.

"For  me, the issue is -- as the prime minister of a country that is threatened with annihilation (by) a regime that is racing -- a brutal regime in Tehran -- that is racing to develop nuclear bombs for that end," he added.

"Obviously, we cannot delegate the job of stopping Iran, if all else fails, to someone else," Netanyahu concluded.

The prime minister also said that while Israel reserves the right to act, coordinating a common position with the United States could keep a strike from becoming necessary.