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18 July, 2008, 9:43 am

File this under "doing the right thing for a change":

SAN FRANCISCO -- -- A voter initiative to reinstate a ban on same-sex marriage will remain on the November ballot, the California Supreme Court decided unanimously Wednesday.

The court issued a brief order rejecting arguments that the initiative, Proposition 8, was an illegal constitutional revision and that voters had been misled when they signed petitions to put it on the ballot. The decision, reached in closed session during the court's weekly conference, cleared the way for what some observers expect to be a close vote on the marriage measure.

The signatures for the...

9 July, 2008, 12:12 pm

From Chesapeake, Virginia we have this story from OneNewsNow, detailing the facts regarding this denial of religious freedom and our rights to free speech.

Take note of those quotes attributed to the city officials about the cross; that it is "offensive", "way out there", and "blatantly Christian"? How do Christians even try get an understanding of that mentality to debate this mindset?

No one ever said a cross is not "blatantly Christian"! But, on the other other hand, are city administrators supposed to be in the business of protecting free-thinking residents of their town from the threatening spector of Christianity? That...

7 July, 2008, 3:02 pm

The American Civil Liberties Union is at it again. In what amounts to nothing less than the restriction of free speech, the ultra-liberal organization is trying to end the Naval Academy practice of cadets engaging in a pre-lunch - completely voluntary - prayer at noon.

In think it's pretty disingenuous that - according to the story in OneNewsNow - the ACLU cites social pressure for those who may not wish to participate, as the reason to ask for the practice to end.

This is not the first time an organization has attempted to silence the optional prayers, which have been a long time tradition at Annapolis. The Anti-Defamation League unsuccessfully sought to get the...

30 June, 2008, 12:51 pm

From OneNewsNow, we learn of a new battle being waged for our ability to engage in public invocations.

It looks like the battlegrounds this time are going to be Ohio and Wisconsin.

And just who are the culprits trying to bring a halt to the invocations at public meetings in these states? You guessed it... The ACLU.

Christian legal experts are responding to efforts by "secularist" groups to stop invocations at public meetings in both Ohio and Wisconsin.

The American Civil Liberties Union is demanding that the Greenfield, Ohio, City Council stop opening its meetings with prayer. The Wisconsin State Legislature has received a similar demand from...

16 June, 2008, 3:53 pm

From OneNewsNow, we have this report from the weekend where a church leader was fined and placed on one year's criminal probation for expressing his religious views on public grounds.

Ironic, this was done on the grounds near the Liberty Bell, huh?

The leader of a Christian evangelical group who expressed his religious views to tourists near the Liberty Bell was placed on one year's probation for refusing to move from a sidewalk where demonstrations are banned.

Repent America director Michael A. Marcavage, 28, of Lansdowne, Pa., was sentenced Friday after a two-day bench trial. He was fined $420 and ordered to notify the National Park...

20 May, 2008, 11:00 pm

The slippery slope of secular humanism continues to become even more so all around the world. We are quickly moving beyond a mere degradation of social virtues to outright hostility against religion and potential criminalization of adherents who practice their faith in their daily lives.

In recent years we have seen the Dutch government change its laws to allow euthanasia, gay marriage, infanticide of imperfect children, and most recently, the sanctioning of gay polygamous unions.

Gay marriage has become a reality in Canada and Massachusetts. For years our own governments have flirted with passage of so called "hate crimes" legislation that essentially criminalizes individual thoughts by way of adding extra penalties if biases, hatreds or intolerances are...

1 May, 2008, 12:00 am

In our current political climate, diversity is a buzz word that is most often used to justify the promotion of liberal viewpoints in our mainstream culture, usually at the expense of the views of the majority. If such importance is to be placed on diversity however, it must be recognized that true diversity also includes the views and preferences of those in the mainstream, such as a conservative voice that promotes pro-family values and Christian beliefs.

When it comes to our nation’s television programming, local religious broadcasters are the backbone of faith-based media outreach in America and work tirelessly to promote pro-family messages that are direct reflections of their communities. They provide a haven for many who are in-need, suffering or simply seeking a...

11 April, 2008, 12:08 pm

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is an American embarrassment. He incessantly yearns to be an important player on the world’s stage. Boiled down to the bone, he has been a dismal failure in almost everything he has attempted.

While in the United States Navy he aspired to submarine command. When more qualified candidates prevailed he returned to the peanut farm.

The one place he could get his way was in his hometown church. As the “head deacon” in his Baptist church he pulled rank over all the other deacons and often made the lives of his pastors unbearably difficult. As long as they did as he ordered – all went well. One of his pastors with whom I spent several days, referred to him as a very arrogant and deceptive deacon.

As President of the...