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17 October, 2008, 10:27 am

Patrick Trueman, who was the top prosecutor in the first Bush Administration for obscenity laws, child pornography laws, etc., is encouraging Americans to urge their local prosecutors to bring more obscenity cases against pornographers. Mr. Trueman says that "Nearly every obscenity case in the last 30 years has resulted in a conviction so we need to increase dramatically the number of cases indicted. If we would do so, we could rock the porn industry on its heels. Since the federal government will not likely bring many cases, we must encourage our local prosecutors to do so. There is a wealth of material, motions, indictments, briefs, available to willing prosecutors."

It was reported today by OneNewsNow that a California couple accused of violating federal...

16 October, 2008, 1:46 pm

The most famous future small businessman in America is Plumber Joe He became instantly famous last night when he was mentioned an astounding 23 times in the final presidential debate. He is Joe Wurzelbacher from the key battleground state of Ohio and he has worked hard all his life, paying his mortgage and bills on time and turning over a healthy chunk of his income to federal, state, local, sales, property and all kinds of other taxes.

So when Joe Wurzelbacher told Barack Obama on Sunday that he hoped to soon become a small business owner of a plumbing business -- where he has worked for years and which could provide revenue of more than $250,000, the amount at which Mr. Obama plans to begin raising tax rates -- Obama exposed his socialist plans for...

16 October, 2008, 1:15 pm

It seems like there's something new everyday with this crowd.

Two developments in Ohio... First, the Democrat Secretary of State is appealing to the US Supreme Court a federal circuit court's ruling that she has to check recent registrants against ID records to see that they're legit... From the Plain Dealer:

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals late Tuesday sided with the Ohio Republican Party in its lawsuit against Brunner, telling her to cross-check the names of 666,000 new or updated voter registrations since Jan. 1 against a state driver's license database, and report the results to...

15 October, 2008, 4:09 pm

The issue of judges should be one of the top handful of issues which Americans must consider when they vote 3 weeks from yesterday. Yet another rogue majority on a state Supreme Court has come down on the side of legalizing homosexual "marriages." Last Friday, the top court in the state of Connecticut joined the top courts in the states of Massachusetts and California in allowing homosexual couples to "marry." In each case, the decision was a one-vote margin.

So what we have is a couple handful of judges in three states with tens of millions of citizens legislating from the bench their political preferences. The Founders of this country would be appalled at the dictatorial nature of these renegade judges. Thankfully, people of California are...

14 October, 2008, 1:48 pm

Although social/cultural issues are getting little (if any) attention whatsoever in the current presidential election, the campaign to defend traditional marriage rolls on in California, Florida (likely to pass) and Arizona this year via proposed state constitutional amendments.

To date, such amendments have passed over 30 states with an average of about 70% of the vote, only failing in one state (in Arizona in 2006 by a few points, largely due to a poorly drafted amendment).

California is obviously the state that everyone's had their eyes on, for several reasons. First, because it's the biggest state in the country; second, it's home...

14 October, 2008, 12:07 pm

During the contested Florida election of 2000 in the Bush vs. Gore contest, the Democrats somehow managed to insult a couple million active duty soldiers and sailors and about 30 million veterans by using all kinds of excuses to deny our soldiers and sailors fighting the terrorists overseas the right to have their absentee ballots counted.

Unfortunately, the House of Representatives leadership led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a San Francisco Democrat, is laying the groundwork for a disgraceful repeat performance of disrespecting our soldiers, sailors, veterans and every other patriotic American. Even though the Senate Democrat leadership allowed a vote on a bill to ensure that every soldier's and every sailor's and every Marine's votes are counted, Nancy Pelosi has...

13 October, 2008, 6:30 pm

With the vote on the California state marriage amendment just three weeks away, it's nice of the proponents of gay marriage to give the voters of that state another stark reminder of just what they could be in for if gay marriage remains legal in that state. Via Protect Marriage:

SAN FRANCISCO, October 11 – In the same week that the No on 8 campaign launched an ad that labeled as “lies” claims that same-sex marriage would be taught in schools to young children, a first grade class took a school-sponsored trip to a gay wedding. Eighteen first graders traveled to San Francisco City Hall Friday for the wedding of their...

13 October, 2008, 9:42 am

by Kathryn Jean Lopez
October 12, 2008 Note: Kathryn Jean Lopez is the editor of National Review Online and a nationally syndicated columnist. A Catholic University of America graduate, Lopez writes often on abortion and bioethics, religion, feminism, education, politics.

Speaking to a group of young Catholics in New York almost one month before Election Day, I had a harsh awakening as jarring as a shot of Wild Turkey 101. Weeks before going to the polling booth, Americans do not know Barack Obama.

In a packed bar, I was discussing the contentious question of whether a Catholic can support Obama for president. I highlighted the priority that defending innocent human lives takes in these...