Housing policy chickens coming home to roost

Let's get one thing straight. The government and its misguided housing policies caused our current financial mess. And, as a result, the government should help fix it.

That said, exactly "what" should have been fixed, "how" and for "how much" are the right places to focus our attention. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't make sure everyone knows exactly how we got in this mess.

The origins lie in the Clinton Administration's misguided attempt to raise the percentage of homeowners in America by forcing banks to give loans to people with, shall we say, less than stellar credit, (those "sub-prime" mortgages you keep hearing about).

The Blame Game in Congress

By Cal Thomas- World Magazine

When Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to the floor of the House on Monday to blame Republicans for the financial turmoil and charge them with a laissez-fare attitude toward regulation, it seemed like a calculated effort to shift attention and accountability from what Democrats have done to create the current conditions. Fortunately, we have YouTube.

New Citizenship Test To Become An American Citizen: Can You Pass It?

Foxnews. Com posted this story on the new citizenship test that immigrants take before they become American citizens. I thought our supporters would like to test themselves on how well they know American history. The CCA staff did overall pretty well on the answers.

Never mind being smarter than a fifth-grader. Are you smart enough to be a U.S. citizen? (FOXNEWS.COM)

The Citizenship and Immigration Services has re-designed the citizenship test for immigrants who want to become naturalized Americans, revamping the questions for the first time since 1986.

Some Feminists Love Abortion But Hate Governor Sarah Palin

by Joan Swirsky September 28, 2008

Why are the retro-feminists in the left-wing media, the National Organization of Women, and the abortion lobby, among other hysterics, militating so violently against Sarah Palin? It's because they value abortion-on-demand over every other subject on earth.

Enough is Enough!! Leave Sarah Alone...

The recent attacks on Sarah Palin are just plain awful. I am ashamed of the trash that has been printed about her. For someone to hack into her personal emais, is just a crude invasion of privacy. The liberal media is so upset that a conservative woman is so close to the White House that they have take extreme measures to destroy her.

She is a remarkable woman who has worked very hard to get where she is today. She worked from being a member of a local city council to mayor to Governor and now she is a heart beat away from being the Vice-President.

Whole lotta' shakin' goin' on

Sarah Palin is not waiting to shake things up in Washington, D.C., she's Shakin' the whole nation now.

Democrats are like a neurotic, trembling, Chihuahua, looking for a place to do his thing. Democrats are loud and brassy over the fact that the Alaska Governor is a born-Again Christian and not ashamed to say so. President Bush has carried this political burden since the day he claimed that Jesus Christ is the person he most admired. Being a Christian means that she knows right from wrong.

Batten down the hatches Sarah!

The game has changed. In an election of McCain vs. Obama, the race was all about Obama. Not anymore.

Win or lose, picking Sarah Palin will go down as the greatest single thing McCain has done for his own campaign, as well as for the conservative movement. Conservatives are rallying like never before to her presence on the ticket.

Sarah Palin Right Choice For Vice-Presidential Candidate

I am so proud of John McCain for selecting Sarah Palin as the Vice-Presidential candidate. As a American woman, she represents the values that I hold so dear. She proves that you can be a successful woman and still maintain a family with a newborn. She also represents that women are very good leaders who pay very close attention to budgets with our family and the government.

Obama tries to woo evangelicals

Barack Obama's on the make for evangelicals - specifically the conservative, registered-to-vote variety. The same type of voters he previously referred to as being "bitter" and who "cling to guns or religion".

A few weeks ago he told such voters that, if elected, he would expand and overhaul President Bush's federal faith based initiatives, announcing his own "Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships". He has begun regular attempts to appeal to evangelicals, speaking to them on multiple occasions in recent weeks as part of what his campaign terms its "Joshua project".

Criminalizing Faith

The slippery slope of secular humanism continues to become even more so all around the world. We are quickly moving beyond a mere degradation of social virtues to outright hostility against religion and potential criminalization of adherents who practice their faith in their daily lives.

In recent years we have seen the Dutch government change its laws to allow euthanasia, gay marriage, infanticide of imperfect children, and most recently, the sanctioning of gay polygamous unions.