Governor Rick Perry leads effort in support of states rights

The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution is pretty clear.  It says that:  The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Stop these bailouts Congress!

Many of the young people who are graduating from college looking to start careers in a market with 22% less jobs than in recent years - and who provided much of the campaign energy to get Barack Obama elected president - are having second thoughts. They are beginning to wonder if Obama's huge spending programs are depressing the job market and, indeed, if it could be a continuing problem for them in future years as they later seek better jobs.

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Obama administration to greatly damage charitable giving

With all the outrageous big-spending, high-taxing, borrow-busting programs being pushed by the Obama administration, not much has been mentioned about Obama's plans to greatly reduce charitable deductions for "rich" people. According to "The Wall Street Journal," the Obama budget will reduce the charitable deduction for individuals making more than $164,550 and for families making more than $208,850.

The reason that this is so outrageous is that people not so well off in America have come to rely on the charities which these so-called "rich people" have contributed to over the years. Obama intends to raise an estimated $318 billion in new taxes over a ten-year period by reducing the value of such deductions as charitable donations (as well as mortgage interest) for those individuals in the highest tax brackets.

Death Tax Needs to Die

In this Obama big-spending, high-taxing socialist era, at least one Republican in the United States House of Representatives is fighting back. The Chairman of the House Values Action Team, Congressman Joe Pitts, R-PA, introduced a bill last week which would permanently repeal the death tax, which liberals call the estate tax. What the Pitts' legislation will accomplish will be to allow family-owned farms and small businesses to remain in the hands of the families which inherit them.

Congressman Pitts said regarding his "Permanent Repeal of the Death Tax Act," H.R. : "Death should not be a taxable event. It is family-owned farms and small businesses who suffer the most from this unjust tax because these people pass down the business or the farm in the family. But the death tax can force farms and small businesses to sell assets just to satisfy the tax authorities.

Top military officers say: "Keep law banning homosexuals"

With increasing buzz from the Obama administration and from the Democrat-controlled Congress about overturning Bill Clinton's interpretation of the 1993 law banning open homosexuals from serving in the military, over 1,000 military officers, including top flag rank officers, are urging President Barack Obama and the Congress to maintain the law that bars homosexuals from serving openly in the armed forces.

President Clinton, as one of his first acts as president, tried to overturn the law banning open homosexuals from serving in the military. After one of the largest grass-roots uproars of all time, the Democrat-controlled Congress in 1993 passed a law reaffirming the long-held view that open homosexuals should not serve in the military.

Black S.C. Democrat blasts his party for it's anti-choice position on education

Over 20 years ago, a black female state legislator from Wisconsin helped begin the school choice movement in America by getting legislation passed creating America's first school choice program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her name was Annette Polly Williams and she was a Democrat.

Many communities all over the nation emulated the legislation which Representative Polly Williams passed in Wisconsin. The Republican-controlled Congress allowed up to 1,700 mostly poor black children to attend a private school of their choice as many of Washington's elite -- such as Michelle and Barack Obama -- can afford to do with their two little girls. Ironically, the Obama administration is allowing this outstanding school choice program to expire.

Pro-Life Senators' Open Letter to Obama

Pro-Life Senators' Open Letter to Obama

Dr. Coburn and 35 U.S. Senators recently sent the following letter to President Obama expressing “grave concern about the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) recent proposal to rescind the January 2009 rule clarifying conscience protections for Americans serving in the health care field.”  As many of you know, Dr. Coburn, and many pro-life physicians, will go to jail before complying with these new regulations.

– John Hart, Communications Director, Senator Tom Coburn, Republican, Oklahoma


March 10, 2009

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama:

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Where is the fiscal restraint?

"This will not be easy.  It will require us to make difficult decisions and face challenges we've long neglected."

- President Obama, during his summit on fiscal responsibility at the White House.

In spite of the rhetoric from the President, government spending is completely out of control in Washington.  As American families across the country cut back and tighten their belts, Washington has cut loose and is spending like there is no tomorrow.

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He doth protest too much

Is Barack Obama a socialist? That subject has been much bandied about since the Obama administration has been spewing out left-wing programs after he was sworn into office nearly a couple months ago.

The subject of whether or not Obama is a socialist came to a head when a reporter from the "paper of record," "The New York Times" -- which incidentally is on the verge of bankruptcy -- asked him if he was a socialist? Some reporter somewhere -- at even "The New York Times" -- had to wonder what Obama's politics really are, considering that Obama is the most left-wing president in American history to win the office.

Senator Coburn: "I'd go to jail before being forced to do abortions"

Dr. Tom Coburn, a highly principled Republican Senator from Oklahoma, still delivers babies as an obstetrician on weekends after completing business in Washington D.C. In fact, over the years, Senator Coburn has delivered some 4,000 babies. He has credibility when he denounces the Democrats' plan to get rid of President George W. Bush's regulations put into effect in January clarifying the rules for physicians and other medical personnel to refuse to do abortions, refer for abortions, etc.