Obama using the CIA to re-shuffle the political deck

It's time for some honesty in the current debate over the CIA's interrogation methods of terrorists. The argument isn't really over whether we were too harsh, given that even Obama has said we would continue turning terrorists over to other governments, knowing full well that those guys play rougher than we do.

It's all about politics.

Soon after his inauguration as President, Obama stated that he didn't want to re-open an investigation into CIA interrogations of terrorists because he knew that it would become a tremendous, political distraction - which is exactly why he's changed his mind.

Normally, the last thing a guy with Obama's messianic ambition would want is for all of Washington to become sidetracked with such a divisive issue, much less one that exposes the political weaknesses of his own party.

Coalition Guest Commentary - Rep. John Carter: Examining the Evidence on Health Care Reform

There was an old country judge that had the highest criminal conviction rate in the state. When a reporter from the state capital came down to investigate this judicial phenomenon, the judge explained that he simply instructed the jury to listen very carefully to what the prosecutor had to say, then make their decision. The reporter cried indignantly, "Don't you also tell them to listen to the defense?" The judge replied, "Well, I used to, but it just confused ‘em."

A Conservative Viewpoint - Senator Kennedy's Greatest Legacy, "The Americans With Disabilities Act"

As a conservative, I have rarely agreed with Senator Kennedy on the various pieces of legislation that he has sponsored. However, in 1991, Senator Kennedy and Republican Senator Orin Hatch worked tirelessly to pass "The Americans With Disabilities Act", which I feel is one the greatest pieces of legislation that has been passed in Congress within the last twenty years.

My late father, Andy Combs, was a World War II veteran, a Korean War veteran and a very successful businessman that was stricken with polio in 1956 at the age of 32. He was one of the last adults who got this awful disease before the vaccination became available on a nationwide level.  My father spent one year in Warm Springs, Georgia, which was the summer home of Franklin Roosevelt. They had an excellent reabilitation center there for people with polio.

Once and For All, Obamacare Does Fund Abortions

President Barack Obama knows that if his universal health care bill - with the government option - actually does pass Congress against the wishes of a large majority of the American people, including a vast majority of senior citizens, abortion will indeed be funded with American tax dollars.

As "The Washington Times" editorial on Monday said: "President Obama isn't being straight when he says current health care proposals don't provide government funding for abortion. They do. If Democratic plans are passed, your taxes will pay for abortions." The Associated Press on August 5th had a headline "Gov't insurance would allow coverage for abortion." And the "Times" said in response: "There's no wiggle room in that headline."

I'm From the Government, and I'm Here to Help

Despite all the ruckus concerning town-halls lately, most of which is the ruckus made by liberals upset that conservatives are attending and expressing their opposition to Obamacare, we have been treated to some important, if accidental, moments of honesty and clarity.

For example, while conducting a recent town-hall meeting, Missouri Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill attempted to calm constituents upset over the proposed “reform” by asking “Don’t you trust me?”  The resounding “no"s reverberated throughout the room, along with many boos, which provides us with our moment of honesty.

Obama's End-of-Life Health Care Boards

Recently, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin received huge doses of criticism from left-wingers regarding her comments that Obama's "death boards" were "evil" and would make life and death decisions about individuals such as her son Trig, who has Down's syndrome.  Even Rockefeller Republicans such as Fox News' anchor, Neil Cavuto, took her to task on his show yesterday by badgering a physician who was also concerned about such end-of-life boards.  Indeed, Cavuto almost succeeded in getting her to condemn Governor Palin's remarks.  

The problem for these Palin critics is that they have not read the statements of the key health care experts in the Obama administration who have said some truly frightful things or they have ignored such statements.  Obama, himself, told an audience to look at the people he surrounds himself with if they want to determine how he will govern or words to that effect.   

Saying "no" increases Republican mojo with voters

Slowly but surely, it seems that the Republicans are getting a little bit of their mojo back.

How?  Simply by saying "no".  Because, when it comes to Obama's agenda, it seems that saying "no" is enough for Republicans to gain more support of the American people.

Some recent polling from Rasmussen tells the tale.

By a long-shot, the economy is the number one issue on people's minds, and they don't think Obama and the Democrat's are doing such a good job dealing with it.

Overwhelmingly, they think the government is spending (and borrowing) way too much money, and the national deficit and debt are looming larger in voter's minds.  Seventy-one percent agree that Obama's policies have driven up the deficit.

The Iron Heel

Perhaps you have read Jack London's Call of the Wild and White Fang.  Only recently did I read his 1908 publication, The Iron Heel.  I found it amazingly contemporary.  Jack London, a passionate Socialist, wrote about a developing fascist society.

In his fictional account he describes how the U. S. Government, as he saw it,  in his day, was dominated by an Oligarchy which he labeled, The Iron Heel.  His analogy of a few powerful people, an Oligarchy, seems to fit the present Obama Administration whose iron heel is poised to aggressively crush any sign of opposition. 

When it comes to health care reform, the devil is in the details

When it comes to legislation, there's a general rule of thumb that the number of details someone doesn't want you to see is directly related to how quickly they try to pass it.  The so-called health care "reform" bill is a text-book example.

The reason Obama and liberal Democrats are pushing so fast and furious is because the details, (where the Devil usually hides), are beginning to get out.  And as the details start to sink in, they're cutting through all of the "yes we can" rhetoric and leading more Americans to say "no you don't".

So what's getting them worked up?  Let's take a look at some of the details of this "reform".

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Aesop Hits Health Care Hypocrites

President Obama and the Democrats in the U.S. Congress have proposed a national health care program which they claim is the very best solution for all Americans. These deceptive and disingenuous legislators have spent enormous amounts of time and money extolling the virtues of their national plan.

Dr. John Fleming, Congressman from the Fourth District in Louisiana, has challenged their good faith. He has introduced HR 615, which mandates that all congressmen who vote for their national health plan are required to use it themselves. While 43 Republicans have joined Dr. Fleming in support of the bill, not a single Democrat is willing to sign up for what they claim is the panacea for all Americans.

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