Whole lotta' shakin' goin' on

Sarah Palin is not waiting to shake things up in Washington, D.C., she's Shakin' the whole nation now.

Democrats are like a neurotic, trembling, Chihuahua, looking for a place to do his thing. Democrats are loud and brassy over the fact that the Alaska Governor is a born-Again Christian and not ashamed to say so. President Bush has carried this political burden since the day he claimed that Jesus Christ is the person he most admired. Being a Christian means that she knows right from wrong.

Secular fundamentalists, unfamiliar with Amazing Grace, can't believe she openly confesses Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The elite, especially the media, believe that taking the Bible seriously puts one on the lunatic fringe. A second reason the elite, especially radical left-wing leaders in the Senate, must destroy her is because she will shake up their private piggy bank and reduce them to the petty political hacks they are when she sits as President of the Senate. Dr. Jack Wheeler, of To The Point News, tells us why these pygmies in power are so scared. Let me quote him:

"As Vice President, constitutionally she'll be President of the Senate. Jesse Helms once said he'd rather be Vice-President than President. The VP is the chief presiding officer over the Senate, he explained, and as such, has the power to control the Senate agenda - who speaks or doesn't get to, which bills are voted on or tabled, etc. It was his favorite subject. If you ever asked him about it, he would talk your ear off. He would tell you just how more powerful the President of the Senate was than the Majority Leader. Then his excitement would die down and he'd shake his head in frustration that no Vice-President ever had the nerve to actually exercise that power."

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, will go nuts when Sarah Palin presides over the Senate. She has the guts to take on this job. He is shakin' worse than a couple of dice in the hot hands of a Las Vegas gambler.

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