Sarah Palin Right Choice For Vice-Presidential Candidate

I am so proud of John McCain for selecting Sarah Palin as the Vice-Presidential candidate. As a American woman, she represents the values that I hold so dear. She proves that you can be a successful woman and still maintain a family with a newborn. She also represents that women are very good leaders who pay very close attention to budgets with our family and the government.

She rose up pretty quickly in her career by hard work and being not afraid to getting her hands dirty. When she started her career as a local councilwoman, she would door to door and actually speak to the citizens of her small town. As a mother, she joined the PTA and volunteered at her local school. Whenever she ran for the Governor, the "good ole boys" of Alaska did not like her and spent thousands of money to defeat her. However, she took the high road and just outworked them one by one.

One of the liberal media outlets asked a female guest if they considered Sarah Palin a feminist. This women flatly said no that Sarah Palin was not a feminist. Susan B. Anthony, the original feminist, fought so hard for women to vote and to have a voice in this government. I cannot believe that any woman would say that about someone who has worked from a local councilman to mayor to Governor. Sarah became Governor the right way and along the way defeated the men's club in the capitol of Alaska. Women should be proud of her and look up to her. She gives me and our younger girls hope that you can accomplish anything with hard work and never giving up.

I am so looking forward to Sarah Palin being the first female Vice-President of this great country. Mrs. Anthony would be proud of her and know that women had finally broke through the glass ceiling that we have all worked for!




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