The Republicans' "Welfare Reform Restoration Act"

The Republicans in the House of Representatives' Republican Study Committee have introduced a bill to restore some of the great principles that were in the welfare reform bill passed by the Republican-controlled Congress during the 1990's and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, but which has been in the process of being gutted by the last two Democrat-controlled Congresses.  It is called the "Welfare Reform Restoration Act", H.R. 1277. 

Although the Republicans claim credit for passage of the welfare reform bill in the 1990's  --  which was a major part of their "Contract with America" and enabled them to assume control of the House of Representatives after some 40 years  --  Bill Clinton receives much of the credit for signing the welfare reform bill into law.  The Republican/Clinton welfare reform bill led to a
much-better-than-predicted result of a 65% reduction in welfare caseloads.  Many who were on welfare are still in very productive jobs and are now leading well-fulfilled lives.

However, in the Obama/Pelosi so-called "stimulus" bill signed into law by Obama earlier this year, there is a federal mandate forcing the states to increase their welfare caseloads before the states can get any welfare funds from the bill.  Talk about disincentives to get people off welfare!

It would behoove all Americans to call their Members of the House of Representatives to urge them to co-sponsor this legislation, H.R. 1277, the "Welfare Reform Restoration Act."  Generations of Americans depend on the passage of this commonsense bill.

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