The Real Party of "NO"

The Democrats and their allies in the mainstream news media like to hang around the necks of the Republicans the label, the "Party of No" because the Republicans have almost overwhelmingly opposed the huge government programs being introduced and sometimes passed by the Democrats in Congress. 

For example, not one Republican voted in early February for President Barack Obama's gigantic stimulus bill, which will cost American taxpayers a trillion dollars (including interest).  More recently, only five Republicans in the House of Representatives voted for the Financial Services Appropriations Act, which also revealed which is the real party "Party of No" during the debate of the bill.  During the consideration of virtually every appropriations (spending) bill, this Democratic-controlled 111th Congress has blocked commonsense amendments, even those coming from conservative Democratic Congressmen; Unlike all previous 110 Congresses in American history, which has provided opportunities to vote on large numbers of amendments, regardless of being controlled by whichever party.  For example, regarding the Energy and Water Appropriations bill voted on on July 17th, 238 Democrats (96% of Democrats voting) went on the record and said no to the mere consideration of Republican amendments. 

Incidentally, on July 13th, Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to allow a handful of Republican Congressmen to speak on the floor after the close of official voting for the day.  As Congressman John Carter stated:  "What could have been so offensive or frightening about our discourse that Speaker Pelosi felt she had to protect her party by gagging free speech in the House?" 

Congressman Carter went on to say that "The Democrats are the majority  --  for now.  They chose to silence debate on the floor by gagging House Republican Members from using their historical right to speak after the close of the day.  But they cannot stop us from speaking outside the halls of Congress and letting the American public know the truth about their ongoing attack against the very foundations of a free Republic." 

It seems to many Americans that Speaker Pelosi's party is really the "Party of No" and furthermore, it is now apparent that Americans are now willing to say no to the Democratic Party at the polls next year. 

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