Radical Palestinian Terrorists Deserve to Reap What they Sow


Sderot, Israel - "Radical Muslim terrorists are reaping what they sow," says international Christian journalist and broadcaster, Earl Cox.  Speaking from the streets of Sderot in southern Israel where Israelis have been under relentless missile attacks from terrorists in Gaza, Cox said in an interview with The Gospel Station Network, America's largest Christian radio network, that "The civilized world should have no sympathy for radical Palestinian terrorists who not only terrorize Israel but who are also make it a practice of terrorizing their own people. The liberal media such as the BBC, CNN and others construct and air their reports and "stories" in such a way as to make you, the viewing public, believe the Palestinians are the victims when in fact they are the perpetrators not only of the present war but also of ongoing violence and acts of terror against Israel.  The reason there are civilian Palestinian casualties is because Hamas and other terrorist organizations operating in Gaza set up their base of operations and their weaponry launching pads in the basements of private homes as well as in other locations in densely populated civilian areas.   Of course Israel possesses the technology to pinpoint locations from which rockets are launched.  In advance of any retaliatory strike, Israel drops leaflets, makes phone calls and sends text messages warning Palestinians to vacate areas where Hamas and other terrorists have set up operations.  Often they fail to heed Israel's warnings because they are threatened by Hamas and other terrorists into staying put.  Why? Because dead Palestinian civilians, especially women and children, plays right into the hands of the masterful and deceitful radical Palestinian PR machine."  Cox, who has personally been on the ground in Israel covering three wars in which radical Muslims have forced Israel to engage in defensive actions says unequivocally that, "It is absolutely not the Israelis who are the perpetrators or the aggressors.  Radical Islam is to blame.  Israel's actions are defensive actions yet the liberal media have, over the past several days, consistently referred to Israel's 'offensive actions' and this wording leads to a wrong understanding," said Cox. 
When asked if he thought the Palestinians really want peace, Cox responded by explaining a bit of recent history. "Back in 2005," he said, "Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians in what was to have been an exchange for peace.  At that time Gaza was a beautiful area along the Mediterranean Sea with lush, productive fields and flourishing farms and greenhouses.  The Palestinians took control of the land and instead of engaging in agriculture and animal husbandry to help build their economy and raise the standard of living for their people, they instead raped the land ripping out the greenhouses, the vineyards and the crops and in their place planted rockets and other munition sites.  Israel's unilateral disengagement from Gaza did not bring Israel any peace whatsoever.  In fact, it did exactly the opposite.  It allowed the radicals to bring their weapons closer to Israel's population centers thus making it easier to perpetrate acts of terror against innocent Israelis.  Since that time rockets launched from Gaza have relentlessly pounded southern Israel."
For the past week Cox has been in southern Israel documenting the plight of Israeli children, their parents and others who are being forced to live in tightly packed bomb shelters never knowing when or where a rocket will land. "The once busy streets in Ashkelon, Sderot, Be'er Sheva, and Sha'ar Hanagev are empty and appear to be ghost towns," said Cox. "All night and all day the red alert siren slices through the silence causing residents to run with all their might for shelter.  The only real and lasting solution for peace in the Middle East is for Israel to move forward and literally wipe out all the launching sites in Gaza.  The truce between Israel and radical Palestinian which was brokered by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, America's Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi will not last as anyone on the street in Israel will tell you.  Peace can only be achieved when the Palestinians agree to recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.  Furthermore, history has proven that radical Islam cannot be trusted to abide by agreements.  Lies and distortion are culturally acceptable character traits," said Cox. "Those who connive the best are the most admired.  Radical Islamists are not playing by the same rules and standards as the West.  We have a completely different mindset.  Israel has learned this lesson the hard way.  The rest of the freedom loving world must wake up to this fact or we will suffer the consequences. So why did Israel agree to this truce? Speculation on the street here in Israel is that perhaps the United States subtly suggested that American aid to Israel might be effected if a truce was not reached thus making it difficult for Israel to procure much needed military weaponry and spare parts."

In addition to documenting the plight of the Israelis and issuing daily reports on the war from the south of Israel, Cox has been meeting with senior level Israeli government leaders and with the mayors of Sderot and Ashkelon.  He has also met with the Director and other officials at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon for the purpose of identifying areas where help is most needed. Barzilai Hospital treats all people in southern Israel, Jews and Palestinians alike.  According to Cox, Palestinians regularly come to Barzilai seeking medical treatment and such treatment is rendered without regard to race, religion or creed. "One of the greatest needs right now in southern Israel," Cox says, "is for financial aid to assist with the construction of an underground surgical center at Barzilai.  Underground surgical suites are necessary due to the volatile situation which prevails in southern Israel.  When the Red Alert siren screams its warning of incoming rockets, doctors who are in the middle of an operation cannot run for the safety of a shelter.  Hospital staff and their patients are at great risk."