Pity the Palestinians

I’d like to talk about the Palestinians—apart from the question of statehood. One should be provoked to compassion for the Palestinian people, because they are being destroyed by lies and strong delusion. Their leaders cause their young men to err by dangling the lie of beautiful virgins waiting to award them in paradise for the “honor” of murder or violence—and their own bloody and terrifying deaths. The Palestinians are destroying with their own hands those who in other circumstances could have been their brightest, bravest and most valiant young men—to lies.

Then there are lies about money: Instead of seeding $693 million in aid for 2017 toward needed infrastructure, education, and shoring up social and medical services, the Palestinian government will funnel roughly half—$334 million—to pay “salaries” to jailed or released terrorists and suicide bombers’ families. That’s not to mention the charges against PA President Mahmoud Abbas and his sons for corruption and misuse of public funds, or his jealously guarding his successorship to preserve his son’s business empires—a form of deception that deprives his people of governmental accountability. These examples are hard evidence that many in the current government have little compassion for their own people.

Political lies, many outlandish—are also rampant. According to Palestinian Media Watch, libels include: Israel steals organs from Palestinians; Israel seeks rule from the Euphrates to the Nile; Israel murdered Arafat (Abbas and rival Mohammed Dahlan accused each other of the same crime).

Instead of using schools to build strong academic foundations that encourage creative thought and expression, to give their children hope and a future, they enforce learning by rote with an inflammatory mix of distorted history and geography, false claims, propaganda, and incitement to violence. For example, a review of new UNWRA textbooks shows that “for the next generation of Palestinian kids, there is no Israel, it doesn’t exist,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Simon Wiesenthal Center associate dean told The Algemeiner. Instead of training young men to solve societal problems, they major in Stone Throwing and Kitchen Daggers 101, while their young women are traumatized by violence at home.

The Palestinians well understand the Temple Mount’s long, rich Jewish history. That’s why they go to great efforts to sabotage or destroy Jewish artifacts and other archeological evidence. That’s why they claim the Temple Mount is “in danger” of being restored to its original owner—Israel (see 2 Sam. 18-25; 2 Chron. 3:1).

If a terrorist with Israeli blood on his hands survives, he is promoted to leadership, calcifying the self-destructive cycle—just as terrorist Saleh al-Arouri was recently appointed deputy head of Hamas’ political bureau. Future leaders, who under other circumstances might have the potential to excel, and live normal, fulfilling lives, are caught in the vicious cycle. 

If a child learns that the “right” way to deal with a disagreeable situation is by lying or turning violent, how will he cope with any disagreement? Palestinian violence is already turning inward to shred its own society. “People have forgotten the meaning of tolerance and resort to shooting to solve any small problem,” an Arab told Ynet News during a spike in Arab vs. Arab violence.

What can one expect when a people’s basic tenets of worship and law condone lies and deception? According to Quran 8:39, Muslims have a "divinely sanctioned" right to deceive, until "all religion belongs to Allah"–-that is, until they take their global caliphate by force. While Islamic ideology normally channels lying and deception toward non-Muslims, habitual lying and deceit seems to have seeped into relationships with their fellows. 

Lying is not the exclusive domain of Muslims—but its danger lies in systematic practice. And certainly, lies and deception are an unstable foundation for any government, let alone a potential state.  

By contrast, consider the attributes of G-d for both Jews and Christians: He extols truth, and withholds life and blessings to “whoever loves and practices a lie.”

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