Paul Weyrich: a champion of life

Many of us, who knew Paul Weyrich, founder of the Free Congress Foundation and Coalitions for America  --  who also helped found the Heritage Foundation (and was the first president) and the Republican Study Committee in the United States House of Representatives  --  have numerous cherished memories of him.  Mr. Weyrich passed away today at the age of 66. 

Although admiring him from afar for decades including from the state of Minnesota, this writer first came to know him well when representing the House Republican Study Committee (RSC) at his weekly "Library Court" meetings (named because he began these meetings somewhere in the Library of Congress.)  At the time, the RSC was trying to assist Congressman Bob Walker in passing his amendment to prevent police brutality around the country against pro-life "rescuers."  This was the heyday of the Operation Rescue movement.  

Each week at Weyrich's meeting, this writer made a presentation as to the status of the Walker Amendment, and then once it miraculously passed the House of Representatives, overwhelmingly controlled by pro-abortion Democrats  --  gave updates on the same amendment introduced in the United States Senate by Senator Bill Armstrong.  Finally, the Senate went along with the House and President George H. W. Bush signed the amendment into law.  Incidentally, the violence by police officers against pro-life demonstrators ceased immediately (under threat of their cities losing community development funds.) 

Paul Weyrich, would allow anyone to advance a pro-family or pro-life or conservative agenda at his weekly meetings which included meetings on foreign policy and others on the American economy, etc.   Groups such as the Christian Coalition of America attended these coalition meetings each week.  The pro-family/conservative meeting almost two decades ago became a weekly lunch meeting chaired with Mr. Weyrich by a leader of the Senate Republicans and a leader of the House Republicans. 

He and his beloved wife Joyce raised wonderful children who were inculcated with their parents' values, and indeed love of politics and civic matters.  This writer had the privilege of having as his interns two of his children, Pete and Steve, at the House Republican Study Committee. 

Lengthy columns and books will be written about this wonderful American leader.  I will miss Paul Weyrich tremendously, but his great influence will long live on in America. 

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