Palestinian Children Fed Steady Diet of Hate

The Western world has gotten a glimpse into the content of children’s television programs produced by the Palestinians and we have been shocked and appalled at what we have seen.  Each day Palestinian children are stuffed full of hate by a counterfeit Mickey Mouse who calls on children to hate Jews and to kill them wherever they are found.  Palestinian children’s storybooks as well as text books are filled with the same anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-Western venomous propaganda.  Before it is too late we must consider the implications of this brainwashing and ask ourselves a very tough question, “What sort of adults will these children become who have been fed a steady diet of hate?”

Civilized people of the world are shocked by the radical, fanatical behavior of many in the Palestinian territories.  If we are shocked now, what can we expect from the next generation who will have absolutely no knowledge of the concepts of freedom and democracy much less peace.  The civilized world will soon be faced with an entire generation with whom it will be impossible to establish peace and order. Israel will have no peace partner but instead will have as it closest neighbor a society of angry, radical savages.  At their core will be the belief that it is normal, acceptable and even honorable to strap explosives around children and send them into crowded areas where non-Muslims gather for the purpose of killing as many infidels (non-Muslims) as possible all to please Allah. 

All who love freedom and democracy must ban together now with one voice and demand that an end be put to the brainwashing of Palestinian children or we risk sharing this world with an entire generation who place no value on their own lives and even less on the lives of those who are non-Muslim.  If we fail to act now against this menace, we will live to regret our silence just as we in the Christian community regret our deafening silence when the Holocaust was taking place right before the eyes of the world. 

Conversely, an entire generation of young Israelis is growing up to believe it is normal to run for shelter when they hear a siren and are becoming accustomed to bombs raining down on their homes, schools, playgrounds and synagogues.  Talk about post traumatic stress disorder!  We hear nothing of the psychological damage the Palestinians are inflicting on the Israelis.  We hear of the deaths but rarely do we hear about those who have been permanently crippled and maimed and never do we hear about the psychological impact of having to live under the constant threat of terror. Soon there will be no hope of reaching a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian problem by using diplomatic means.  With this said, what will be our future options?  The problem is not going away.  The Palestinian people are not going to have a sudden collective epiphany whereby they will be miraculously infused with understanding that in order to have peace they must be willing to give peace.  The Israeli people are not strapping bombs around their innocent youth and sending them into crowded cities in search of Muslims to destroy yet there are almost daily attempts by Palestinians to blow up Jews.  So, back to the question of future options.

In parts of the United States, and we hear about it too often in the south, there exists an ugly blood-thirsty ‘sport’ called dog fighting and it is illegal.  This is a backwoods bloody form of entertainment conducted by the vilest of humans.  When these people are caught, they are fined and sent to jail.  However, because their fighting dogs have been fed nothing but a steady diet of savage torment, they are considered to have no possible redeeming value and are destroyed. Retraining is not an option.  So, if peace is to be achieved by diplomatic means, we must not allow the radical, fanatical Palestinians to continue eroding and warping the psyche of Palestinian youth.  The world must demand change NOW – for our own sakes and for the sake of the children.