Netanyahu hits Grand Slam with U.S. Congress and Evangelical Christians

"He hit a grand slam with his strong, honest and forthright speech to the U.S. Congress and the American people," said international Christian broadcaster and journalist, Earl Cox.  "The Israeli people should be proud of their prime minister for being a man of courage and conviction who was willing to stand in the face of seemingly overwhelming opposition in order to defend and protect Israel and warn the free world about the very real dangers of a nuclear Iran - something other world leaders are unwilling or afraid to do."

In interviews today, one of which was with the Voice of Israel Radio in Jerusalem, Cox said that Netanyahu's speech was needed as a wake-up call to the bad deal America is willing to make with the rogue nation of Iran.  Cox said the consensus among many Americans is that the White House would rather the American people remain in the dark not knowing or understaning the ramifications of the current deal being proposed and what it would ultimately mean for Israel, America and the world.  "It seems Mr. Obama's White House is so hungry for a deal, even a bad deal, that they are sacrificing the future of the free world for a deal in the present," Cox said

In another interview today with Watchmen Broadcasting Television...

Cox said that Obama and others are trying to distance themselves from reality under the illusion that Iran will somehow change their present behavior of domination, conquest and terror.  "An educated public is the only defense against bad government and bad policies and it seems the White House would rather for the American people not to know or understand the propsed deal with Iran." "Already," said Cox, "the White House is scrambling to try to put a negative spin on Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech saying he offered no concrete plan when the fact of the matter is," Cox concluded, "the concrete plan Netanyahu delivered is to negotiate from a position of strength.