Minnesota's fraud vs. Venezuela's election fraud

Recently, John R. Thomson, wrote about the voter fraud in Venezuela which he witnessed during a two week visit there while he spent time studying political, economic and social conditions.  After reading Mr. Thomson's list of election fraud committed on behalf of President Hugo Chavez and his leftist coalition in Venezuela, it reminded me of some of the shenanigans commited on behalf of the uberliberal Al Franken, Democrat Senate candidate in Minnesota. 

True, the fraud committed in Venezuela overshadows that committed in Minnesota, but one does not expect, at least not too much, such election fraud in America.  As electoral recount experts have said, it is rare that a 200 point advantage, which Republican Senator Nole Coleman had on election night last November, turned into a 200 point advantage for his opponent, the vulgar former Saturday Night Life actor, Al Franken, who was declared the winner by the Minnesota Canvas Board. 

Mr. Thompson in his column in "The Washington Times" on November 30, 2008, cited among the illegal activities by Hugo Chavez' forces:  "Manipulation  -- up or down, as required  -- of voting tallies."   Minnesota voter watchers cite  --   among other grievances against the Minnesota Canvas Board, controlled by a majority of Democrats  --  the counting of ballots twice (up to 200 votes in fact.)  They also site more ballots than those registered in a number of Minnesota precincts, especially in overwhelmingly Democrat precincts. 

It is a sad state of affairs when a state in the United States of America  --   which normally has the highest voting participation (some 80% in the 2008 election) and is consistently at the top of the rankings in education achievement  --  would allow such voter fraud, and indeed, would even vote for such absolute buffoons for their highest elective offices in the first place.   Citizens in the state of Minnesota should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. 

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