Israel Will Live Forever

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently addressed the United Nations General Assembly, strongly defending the existence of the state of Israel, and stressing that the Jewish state "will live forever." He also warned the nations of the world that a nuclear armed Iran will be a great threat not only to Israel and the Middle East, but also to all the world.

He started his speech by saying that he was happy to be addressing the UN General Assembly, which was being presided over by the Israeli Ambassador to the UN. Then the first item on his agenda was to stress the long existence of the state of Israel and to defend its present existence. "Three thousand years ago," he said, "King David ruled over a nation called Israel, and from a capital called Jerusalem." He added, "Today we are happy to have a modern Jewish state that will live forever."

The Prime Minister related that the Jewish people have defied the laws of history by returning to their ancient homeland and to their own restored state. He declared, "We have come home, and we will never be uprooted again." Interestingly, there was great applause following this statement.

Netanyahu reminded: "Yesterday was our Yom Kippur holiday, the Day of Atonement, when we remember our past. We remember the great travail of our Dispersion and the deaths of six million of our people. But we now celebrate the revival of our flourishing modern Jewish state."

"Today we walk the same paths as our founders, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob," he continued. "But today we are blazing new trails, where the rights of all people are protected. Not like the forces of Islam, where the rights of women are ignored, and death is glorified. In Israel today all people are equal under the law."

Netanyahu then stressed that "Israel today is helping the whole world to be a better place." He explained: "Our scientists have won numerous Nobel prizes. Our knowhow is in every cell phone around the world. We are helping Asian and African nations with irrigation efforts for their crops. Our many medical discoveries are symbols of our people's great compassion." He added: "In our hospitals our Israeli doctors treat hundreds of Arabs every day, because we cherish life. And because Israel cherished life, Israel also cherishes peace."

The Prime Minister avowed, "We seek to forge a durable peace with the Palestinians." Referring to the speech made by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas there at the UN the day before, he stated: "We won't solve our conflicts by slanderous speeches here at the UN. We have to sit together and work out mutual agreements. And the Arabs must recognize the legitimate existence of the Jewish state." He added, "Israel wants to see a Middle East of peace and progress, a region of co-existence in peace and mutual respect."

Then he focused on militant Islam. He said: "You saw militant Islam at work recently, storming United States embassies all over the Middle East. They seek supremacy over all nations. They are bent on world conquest. And they have even stated that they want to destroy both Israel and the United States." He continued: "Militant Islam now has branches lurking in all parts of the globe, and all are rooted in intolerance. Anyone who does not submit to their creed they want to destroy."

"But ultimately they will fail," the Prime Minister emphasized. "We have seen it happen before. So a militant Middle East will inevitably yield to the irresistable power of freedom. And our region will be guarded not by fanaticism and tyranny, but by reason and peace." He added: "The relevant question is this - how many lives will be lost before it happens? We can't all just stand by and let lives continue to be lost in this way."

Continuing, Netanyahu stated: "We saw this happen years ago with the Holocaust. Those who opposed that fanaticism waited too long. At stake is the future of the world. And nothing right now imperils our future more than a tyrannical Iran with nuclear weapons."

He asked: "What would the world be like with a nuclear armed Iran, with such lethal weapons in the hands of such a violent regime?" He reminded: "In 2009 they put down massive citizen protests in their country, killing thousands of innocent people, including many children in the process. They turned Lebanon and Gaza into terrorist strongholds, sending nearly 100,000 rockets into Israeli communities. And in the past few years they have spread their terrorism into many other areas of the world."

Then he challenged: "I ask you, if they are this way without nuclear weapons, what will they be like with nuclear weapons? Who would feel safe in the Middle East, in Europe, in America, and anywhere?"   

Netanyahu continued: "For seven years the international community has tried to impose sanctions on Iran. They have worked to some extent, affecting their economy. But the sanctions have not stopped Iran's nuclear weapons development. So we see now that there is only one way to stop Iran's nuclear bomb development. And that way is to draw a definite red line." 

Then lifting up a diagram of a bomb with a fuse, marked into three sections, he stated: "There are three stages in this nuclear bomb development, connected with the development of enriched uranium. Iran will be completing the second stage soon, perhaps in only a few months. So the red line must be drawn soon, before Iran gets to the point where they have enough enriched uranium to finalize the production of nuclear weapons." Then he drew a red line at the beginning of the third and final stage.   

"Red lines don't cause war." Netanyahu emphasized. "Red lines have helped many times to prevent war. And the failure to draw red lines has many times led to aggression." He added, "A red line might have prevented the Holocaust."

The Israeli Prime Minister continued: "Our intelligence agencies will tell us when Iran is ready with this weapon. No one appreciates our intelligence agencies more than this Israeli Prime Minister. But they are not foolproof. Do we want to risk our nation's security, and the security of the world?" Then he stressed, "I believe that with a clear red line, Iran will back down."

Netanyahu concluded his address by stating: "Israel promotes liberty and justice in our nation. We treat every person with dignity, and we champion the human rights of every individual. These are the timeless values of our people and our nation, and they are our greatest gift to mankind." He stressed, "Let us all continue to do all we can to defend and preserve our freedoms and to protect our civilization."