Gary Sinise: American Hero!

It is very rare that an American hero emerges from Hollywood  --  filled with corrupt left-wingers and selfish megalomaniacs  --  but one has emerged in the person of Gary Sinise.  Most people know this wonderful actor as the Vietnam veteran who lost both his legs, Lieutenant Dan, during the war in the blockbuster movie, "Forest Gump," which won an Oscar for best film of the year in 1994.  Others know him as one of the stars in "CSI, New York."

For the past several years, Mr. Sinise has gone far beyond the call of duty to entertain the troops in the most dangerous locations in war zones including in Iraq and Afghanistan; helped the families of veterans; raised funds for veterans and done anything else he could to bring to the attention of the American people the supurb job which our troops are accomplishing in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Not since Bob Hope has an actor emerged to spend a great deal of his waking hours helping our American soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.  Bob Hope, of course, is long remembered for entertaining troops, and for bringing other actors and actresses and entertainers to dangerous war zones for decades. 

President George W. Bush is to be commended for awarding a Presidential Citizen Medal to Gary Sinise. This is the second highest honor for a civilian, right after the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  The awards were given to the recipients in the Oval Office in a private ceremony.

According to the Associated Press, Mr. Senise, after receiving his medal, "told reporters that he had volunteered to help the USO after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, sending school supplies to Iraqi children. The White House cited him as a humanitarian and a patriot."  Mr. Sinise said in response:  "I'm deeply touched to receive this medal."  No one deserves this medal  --  in Hollywood or anywhere else for that matter  --  more than Gary Sinise, American hero. 

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