Enough is Enough!! Leave Sarah Alone...

The recent attacks on Sarah Palin are just plain awful. I am ashamed of the trash that has been printed about her. For someone to hack into her personal emais, is just a crude invasion of privacy. The liberal media is so upset that a conservative woman is so close to the White House that they have take extreme measures to destroy her.

She is a remarkable woman who has worked very hard to get where she is today. She worked from being a member of a local city council to mayor to Governor and now she is a heart beat away from being the Vice-President.

Mrs. Palin has more experience than Barack Obama. She has run a city, a state and is in charge of the National Guard of the Alaska. The liberals in this country should just give her a fair chance and not try to destroy her and her family. If this had happened to Barack Obama and his family, the media would be outraged.

Many women in this country feel so upset and believe that sexism is alive and well in this election. I think every woman in this country regardless of their political affiliation should rise up and tell the media to stop. Women deserve to be heard and to be respected. Mrs. Palin has made history and I am very proud to be American at this time.







Typical Left-Wing hacks are out to destroy..not just win against their opponents. Their vulgar and ridiculous attacks against Gov. Palin are despicable. But, what do we expect from them these days?

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