Democrat Senator Bob Casey's "Pregnant Women Support Act" provides "authentic common ground"

Recently, Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia, wrote to the 99 U.S. Senators, urging them to support Democrat Senator Bob Casey's "Pregnant Women Support Act" (PWSA), S. 1032  --  introduced earlier this month by the senator  --  which he believes provides life-affirming support for pregnant women and their unborn children.   

A similar bill in the U.S. House of Representatives in the last Congress and this Congress (H.R. 2035), authored by Congressman Lincoln Davis, Democrat from Tennessee, had about a dozen Republicans as co-sponsors including conservatives such as the number three Republican in the House of Representatives in the current Congress, Conference Chairman Mike Pence from Indiana.  Other prominent Republican co-sponsors were the dean of all pro-lifers in Congress, Congressman Chris Smith, from New Jersey and Congressman Duncan Hunter, who in the previous Congress was the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.  

Cardinal Regali, who is the chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, wrote in his letter to the U.S. Senators that the PWSA "reaches out to women with a helping hand when they are most vulnerable, and most engaged in making a decision about life or death for their unborn children.  It provides an authentic common ground, an approach that people can embrace regardless of their position on other issues."  

The cardinal also described the "Pregnant Women Support Act" as "entirely separate" from controversial proposals involving pregnancy prevention which do not cause abortions to be reduced in America, according to numerous studies.  Cardinal Rigali said:  "Discussion of pregnancy prevention and related issues will surely continue inside and outside Congress. In the meantime, pregnant women need our assistance now so that abortion is not promoted to them as their only choice."    

He concluded by asking the Senators:  "I hope you will join Senator Casey in ensuring that the Pregnant Women Support Act will be considered and enacted by this Congress."   Prominent Democrat leaders have said that they want to see abortions legal but rare.  Senator Bob Casey's and Congressman Lincoln Davis' "Pregnant Women Support Act" is legislation which should be supported by legislators on both sides of the abortion debate because abortions will be reduced with its passage. 

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