Blame Israel to Shame Israel


Blame Israel to Shame Israel

By Earl Cox

On the world stage, Israel is constantly being bombarded by unfair criticism and untruthful media reports.  There is no doubt the Palestinians are winning the public relations war. They have honed their skills of manipulation and deception to a science knowing that whoever gains the sympathy of the free world wins.  By capturing the hearts and minds of those who are ignorant of the facts, the Palestinians emerge looking like the underdog with whom the majority always side to include the United Nations and its anti-Semitic Human Rights Council.

Right now along the Gaza border there is rioting and chaos.  The Palestinians are attempting to breach the border in order to wreak havoc on Israeli towns and injure or kill innocent civilians.  They are doing this by setting tires on fire creating thick clouds of black, noxious smoke using it as cover.  As if this were not disturbing enough, explosive devices are being planted along the border fence with trip wires and Molotov cocktails are being hurled at IDF soldiers and Israeli Border Police.    

Determined to put the spotlight on Israel to detract from their own foul play, Hamas has implemented new terror tactics.   Once again they are using their own people not only as human shields but now also as human weapons. Having been warned repeatedly by Israel not to approach the border fence, Hamas militants have embedded themselves among the Palestinian people forcing their women and children to do the exact opposite knowing Israel’s soldiers would be forced to respond and this would play well for the media.  It is not possible for even one Palestinian not to have heard Israel’s warnings.  Every Palestinian cell phone user received a text message and leaflets were dropped over every Palestinian community. In addition, public announcements were made on radio and television and all was done in a very good faith effort by Israel to prevent injuries, death or destruction to Palestinians and their property.  Has the world lauded Israel’s exemplary efforts? Quite the contrary.  

Earlier this week the hypocritical and anti-Israel United Nations Human Rights Council voted to form a commission of inquiry of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and in East Jerusalem.  This inquiry will focus on the Palestinians who were killed by IDF soldiers as they protected their borders from rioters over the past eight weeks.  While the resolution stated that all parties would be investigated, only Israel was named and specifically condemned.  Those who made the case for the Palestinians stated they were peaceful protestors and referred to their deaths as a “massacre.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Yet, despite having been presented with the facts supported by hard evidence, the UNHRC sided with Hamas, the terrorist organization which governs the people of Gaza. 

What are these hard facts? They are the flaming kites printed with swastikas which the Palestinians are sending over the border fence setting Israel’s farming fields ablaze destroying their harvests and thus their income.  And it’s not just one fire in one place but rather ten or twelve fires in ten or twelve different places. Furthermore, as firefighters and volunteers run to the fields to extinguish the flames, the Palestinians have taken to firing live ammunition at these innocent people. 

Israel is a sovereign nation which has a duty and right to defend and protect her borders and her people.  As hordes of violent protestors continue to menacingly approach the border fence, Israel’s IDF soldiers repeatedly employ every non-lethal means available to disperse the crowd.  Only when left with no alternative do they take up arms. Those Palestinians who were initially killed were not innocent civilians.  In fact, by Hamas’ own admission, 50 of the 62 Palestinians who lost their lives were members of Hamas.  But even when faced with the truth, the world continues to blame Israel in an attempt to shame Israel but Israel has done nothing for which to be ashamed.